Thursday, December 10, 2009

Old McDonald ONLY has a Duck


I don't know why I get so surprised when little man learns something new. I should be used to it by now, since he learns something new like every day now. But, I still get excited, and am usually shocked when he just comes out with something I haven't heard before.

A few days ago we were in my car when Dane started singing E I E I over and over. I thought maybe he was trying to sing Old McDonald, but wasn't totally convinced. Then tonight Kevin and I were sitting at the table eating dinner, and Dane was sitting on my lap and he began to start singing E I E I again over and over. So, we start singing the song, and he starts moving back and forth like he is dancing. Then he tries to sing the verse... it sounds like he is humming the "old MCDonald had a" part then he would say duck then E I E I, but only says O after we say O. It isn't clear as day, but it is obvious that is what he is trying to sing. Every time he would sing it, he would say duck. I did manage to get this on my regular video camera, but once I pulled out my small one that I can upload to the blog he wouldn't do it anymore. So, I will keep trying to get it on the camera that I can upload to my blog, because it is so CUTE hearing him sing! He claps after he sings, and is so proud that he is singing. Oh my little man is the best! He really is!

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