Monday, December 14, 2009

Santa's Wonderland

Every time we go to College Station we pass Santa's Wonderland on the way, and every time we pass it, I mention that I really want to go there during Christmas. So, this year we did it. Santa's wonderland is in Navasota, and is a place that you can drive your car through and see thousands of christmas lights. There is also Santa's town there as well that has shops, live music, petting zoo etc. We went with our friends the Gonzalez's and toured the trail of lights. The husbands drove the truck, and Christy and I rode in the back of the truck with the kiddos. The night did not start out very well. Dane was in a bad mood, throwing a couple tantrums here and there, did not want to sit or stand. I had to pull out the paci, so every one else could enjoy themselves. But once Dane saw a choo choo train of lights his mood changed and he enjoyed the rest of the night. Sophie was all about Dane, and just wanted to be right next to him. She would play with his hair, touch his face, touch his paci etc. It was pretty funny, because Dane wanted nothing to do with her. Just like a girl to give all her attention to her crush, and for the boy to act like he didn't even notice her! :) He was more interested in what Zach was doing. He would laugh at Zach and watch every move he made. I think he feels like Zach is like his older brother or maybe his older buddy!
We had a good time though, the lights were really neat to look at. It was a bit expensive to go into the Santa's town, which we didn't do this year, maybe next year. But overall we had a great evening. Looking at christmas lights is one of my favorite things to do during Christmas. Santa's Wonderland is going to be a yearly tradition for sure.

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