Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Save a Cow...Eat A Chicken

Dane has completed his first week of physical therapy. The therapists recommend me not staying in the room while they are doing the session, because usually kids will cooperate more if their parents aren't there. So, on Tuesday once we were in the room I tried to leave and Dane got upset, but only cried for a little while. Wednesday, I found a sneakier way to leave without him seeing me. The therapists got him distracted with hiding a ball (go figure) in a tent, so when he was getting the ball out I was able to make my move. Both days the therapists thought he did really well. Basically, they just let him play, and sneak therapy moves in with out him really knowing what is going on. He will be with the same 2 therapists for the whole time, and they are both really great. Fun personalities and really good with children. One of the main things that they are focusing on is trying to get him to put more weight on his left leg. He tends to put all of his weight on his right, and uses that hip the most. So, they are trying to improve his muscles in the left to get that leg stronger. Also, the therapists are working on how bends over to pick things up. He tends to push that left leg out when he is getting something off the floor, which is due to the scar tissue. Apparently Dane uses the muscles that are right under his hiney to bend and stand up, instead of using his thigh muscles in that leg. Along with strengthening the left leg, they are doing exercises to help break up that scar tissue. I was told that he would not like the exercises, and it could hurt a little bc that joint is so tight. It can cause him to be sore as well the farther that the exercises are done. I did notice today a couple times when I would pick Dane up he would say ow, so he must already be a little sensitive. But, this is ok! I can handle him being sore from the physical therapy, and even having to endure a little pain 2 times a week. This is going to make his hip better! The therapists made a great impression on me, and I feel really good about this. This is a first to feel this way!

Outside the center there is a big cow statue. This must be a Texas Children's thing, because I have seen these cows all over Houston. Anyway, on Tuesday I saw it and took Dane over to see it. He was scared of the cow. He would say MOOO, but did not want me to get to close. Today, we got out of the car, and he pointed at the cow, and then said HI COW. Took me by surprise! He doesn't normally say cow, usually just moo. I asked him if he wanted to go see the cow and he nodded and said mmm hmm (is that how you spell that sound he was meaning yes?) Anyway, we went and saw the cow, and today he was all about it. He kept waiving to him, and then he would pat his side. He wouldn't touch the face part, but he liked the cow this time. He told the cow bye bye when we were going inside.

After therapy I met the Gonzalez gang at chick fil-a for a brunch play date. Dane loves their chicken nuggets. Christy and I caught up while the kiddos played in the play area. We were all into our conversation when we hear a piercing scream coming from the tree house. Christy runs in, and finds that Zach (older brother) had helped Sophie ( little sister) get all the way to top of the tree house, and Sophie couldn't get down. Meanwhile I am sitting at our table, and the manager comes over to me and is offering to take our trash, get more drinks, etc. I'm not paying attention to what is happening in the play room, and then the manager says uh does your friend have a child who is stuck in the tree house? I said I wasn't sure if they were stuck, but they were definitely in the tree house. He says well, if they are I can go help get them out. So, that is right about when I looked over to see Christy climbing into the tree. AHH!!! Where is my camera where is my camera??? So I took a picture of her in there. She had to rescue Sophie!!! Hilarious! Good Times Good Times.

I was wanting to get a picture of Dane with his girlfriend, because it had been a while. But, didn't happen today. Just got one of Sophie getting something off Dane's shirt while he stood there and grinned!

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Jennifer said...

Flying... In the three round trip, international flights I have taken with Kaitlyn some with layovers I've always taken a carry-on of tricks. I buy new toys, a coloring book, colors, and snacks. If you guys have a portable DVD player or laptop I would take it with movies; domestic flights don't always have movies on them. For the toys I try to buy items that she doesn't have anything like so maybe the new and interesting item will hold her interest a bit longer. Dane likes balls so buying a "tall" plastic container with a screw or snap on lid could be good. Drop some of his balls in there and let him playing with putting them in and out. Dreadfully balls roll and bounce on planes so maybe check out some of those balls with tentacles or the squishy ones like stress balls. Those might not go as far if dropped. How about a koosh ball? Of course with your handful of new toys throw a couple old faithfuls in the mix. My flights were close to 10 hours long not counting changing planes and ground travel time so I spaced out giving her the new toys. When all else fails, the other passengers would rather a happy baby. If walking the isle makes him happy then by all means walk!!! During our last flight (two days after turning 2) she walked a lot. The other passengers were really sweet. They talked to her and seemed to be looking for her to walk by again.