Thursday, December 3, 2009

Shop till we drop

Today was a shopping day. Dane and I ventured off early this morning to try to finish up on our shopping list, because my schedule is going to get crazy starting tomorrow. I put a big dent in my list, and only have a couple more people to shop for. Dane was an excellent shopper today. He was in a great mood, wanted to stay in his stroller, and cooperated on every thing that I needed him to do. Towards the end of my shopping experience I started hearing a crazy funny noise coming from the stroller. Looked down to find a flat tire! Never would have thought that strollers would have flats! So, the stroller had a lean going, and it was very embarrassing pushing it. The noise was pretty loud, so I had to rush to get out of there. haha oh man don't you wish you had been a fly on the wall?? It was a quite a funny sight! I wish I would have taken a picture, but when it happened I was so concerned with getting to the car as fast as I could I didn't think about it.

Dane passed out at one point while we were shopping...he looked so cute! He was shopped out I guess.

Once Kevin got home we went and did some more shopping at Best Buy. Dane found the speaker department and immediately wanted to play with turning the music on and off. I had to grab my camera and video him, because he started dancing to the music. Go white Boy Go white Boy!

Dane was being such a ham once we went to go eat. He kept sitting on the table, saying cheese when I would take the camera out, and was being a big flirt with the waitress.

Tomorrow we are heading to Orange to make an appearance on a Christmas float for the Orange Christmas parade. Blog about that coming soon. I know everyone is excited that it is suppose to snow, but I am really hoping that it doesn't so we don't freeze to death. Every one be safe, and build a Giant snowman!

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Jennifer said...

I've never heard of anyone getting a flat on their stroller. You guys must have been shopping hard.

I hate snow talk. My family used to build it up when we were little, bundle us up and put us outside looking for snow. Heaven help us if we wanted to go inside. "You're going to miss the snow." Now I say when the white stuff starts falling I'll go look.

Kaitlyn goes back in four months. It was quite shocking when they told me her appointment was in April. That seems so far away.