Sunday, December 6, 2009

Take for Granted

Life is short, and you never know when your time is up. It is important to not take for granted the people that are in your life that you love. And to spend every day like it is your last.
Sometimes things are put in perspective for you without warning.
The last few days I have had a heavy heart. I got news yesterday from my manager that one of our employees, Delores, at my job lost her husband in a sudden car accident on the day that it snowed. Delores is close to my age, has 4 small children and in just in a blink of an eye her life has been changed tremendously. She is not someone who I am close to, or even really see that much while at work, but this has left such a huge burden on my heart. I feel so saddened for her that she this happened to her, and I can not even begin to imagine how she will get through this.

Just like that the one that you love can be gone. It has put so much in perspective for me the last couple days. All the stupid things that annoy us, or we get upset over don't matter. Who cares if your hubby didn't do what you asked, or threw his dirty laundry on the floor or forgot to take out the trash. In the grand scheme of things those things don't matter. What matters is spending quality time with your significant other, and enjoying each others company, loving each other and making memories. Because we are never promised another day. So, tell people you love them, and give out lots of hugs. I know I will! Stop taking people for granted and the time that we are given!

Please keep Delores and her 4 children in your prayers. She is going to have a tough journey ahead of her.


Christy said...

I don't know if I'm just having an emotional day, or what but you made tears come to my eyes! So sorry to hear about your co-worker and her family. How awful. It does make you stop and think and be very appreciative of what you have. Thanks for reminding me Sister! xo

The Momoh Family said...

Jayne you are so right. You just never know. I m so sorry to hear that. I will kepp her in my prayers.