Monday, December 7, 2009

Vote on my Santa POLL!!

So, I have put a poll on the right side of my blog underneath the pictures. This is just for fun, but I am curious to see the results. Obviously, everyone has their own Christmas traditions, and Kevin and I are still trying to figure out what ours will be. What we did before we had Dane has changed now that he is a part of our lives. We grew up with different holiday traditions, and apparently Santa does things different from house to house. So, I wanted to do a poll, and see how many people's gifts are wrapped from Santa, and how many are not.

So go over to the right side of my blog and vote!! I will post the results soon! I will be fun to see what everyone does and doesn't do. Feel free to leave comments if there is a particular thing that you do, or if it doesn't give you the answer that you want!

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