Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Well it is that time of year again where I go into blogger hiatus for a week or so. BUSY BUSY BUSY So I probably won't blog again until after Christmas. Just letting you know for the ones who stalk my blog every day. haha You can take a mini vacation. We leave to go to New York in less than 24 hours to have Christmas with Kevin's parents, and will be there until Monday evening. Say a little prayer that Dane does ok on the 2 flights going and coming back home. We get back Monday, I work Tuesday so Kevin will take Dane to physical therapy on that day. Then Wednesday we have physical therapy again and then we are headed to Orange right after that. We are getting together with my families Wednesday and Christmas eve, then heading back to Houston Christmas eve evening with my mom and David to wait on Santa.

And as soon as the hustle bustle is over I'm sure that I will have LOTS to blog about!!

So, if I don't see you or talk to you I hope that you all have a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

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Christy said...

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!! Hope you guys have a great time in NY! Most likely we won't get to see you, so Merry Christmas Wittschen Family!!