Sunday, December 13, 2009

Whoever made up this phrase that great things come in small packages never got one of these!!!

I have a funny story, so I thought I would share.

Saturday evening I pulled in the driveway after running some errands and noticed that a package had been delivered. I was shocked at how big it was. It is a present for Kevin, and I knew that it was going to be big and heavy, but I had no idea just how much. My original plan had been once I got it I was going to put it in my car so Kevin didn't see it. And I had thought if it is too heavy then I will just get my neighbor, Craig to help me load it in my car. I was hoping that it would get here on a day that Kevin was at work. No such luck. So, I tried to move it, and oh my lord was it heavy! I couldn't even slide it. And there was no way it was going to fit in my car. Dang it. I was going to have to have Kevin help me with it, because I couldn't just leave it on my porch.

So, I went into the house and told Kevin that I had a dilemma with one of his presents. I told him that it had been delivered, but it was too heavy for me to carry it. And I told him that it was bigger than I thought it was going to be. I don't think he had any idea when I said big how big I meant. So, when we walked outside, Kevin said holy crap that is big! I noticed that the box had a picture and the name of the item on one side. AHHHH! So, I made him close his eyes while he was carrying it. He claims he has no idea what it is...but I'm not buying it! I think he saw the picture, and if he didn't I think he is smart enough to figure it out!!! I'm so mad at myself and at UPS!!! I should have shipped it somewhere else, and UPS could have put it in another box or something!!! ha I had to wrap it since it is sitting in our garage. I had covered it with a big tarp, but didn't trust that Kevin wouldn't peek. He promised that he wouldn't, but then I figured yeah he wouldn't peek if he already knew what it was!!! And Kevin is a horrible liar. His facial expressions are totally different than normal, so I really think he knows, but is too scared to tell me! :) Now he knows he is getting a big gift and if he doesn't know what it is then he knows the size, and can figure it out!

this is the worst wrapping job I have ever done in my life. But it is HUGE!!!!! Lots of layers of paper was needed for this job!


Noah's Mommy said...

Kevin is lucky- Mark isn't getting anything this year! LOL!

Anonymous said...

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