Saturday, December 12, 2009

A whole lot of nothing

I was looking through my pictures, and came across some cute pics that I had wanted to put on here but forgot. So, this is going to be a hodge podge of pictures that don't really go together.

This is a few more from our Dallas trip that we went on recently. Dane fell in love with Gage's little car. We had a hard time getting him away from it. So, this confirmed that he will totally like his main present he is getting from Santa!

At the Gaylord Hotel before we visited the ice exhibit.

Dane still likes to look at the toy magazine!!!! He has looked through it 1000 times, but still points at his favorites...the balls and choo choo trains.

throwing every minute occurrence! Like my action shot???

Watching his favorite show, Handy Manny

Dane's newest place he likes to lay...on the ledge of the couch.

When it was snowing and we were in Orange my mom was having trouble getting the puppy, Duke to go outside and use the bathroom. Duke did not want to go outside, because it was so cold. My mom would have to force it outside, and then pretty much drag it to the grass and force it to use the bathroom. Well, my mom at one point left Duke outside while she came in for a few minutes. We were in her office when all of a sudden she started laughing and told me to look at the window. Duke had climbed up on the swing and had his nose to the window. Poor thing!! It was so funny, but sad at the same time! He did not want to be outside, so this was his way of giving us a guilt trip!! Needless to say he got to come back in after that! It was hilarious!

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