Sunday, January 31, 2010

Party Time

Saturday was Dane's birthday party. We had a construction theme party at our house and had several friends and family come to help celebrate Dane's 2nd birthday. The party started at 11, and it was almost 9:30 and the lil man was still snoozing! That never happens on a normal day. So, I ended up having to wake him up. I got most of the decorations done the evening before, so really all we had to do before the guest got to our house was prepare all the finger foods. We had garlic and herb cheese pinwheels with spinach leaves, ham and cheese in them along with pimento cheese sandwiches, cheese and crackers, lil smokies, meatballs, and different types of chips and dips. I used dump trucks to hold most of the food.

I got most of the decorations from this website: She has tons of adorable printable packages that she makes that work great for kid parties. She sends you the pdf files, and then you can pick what you want to print out.

We set up a moon walk in our playroom because it was pretty chilly outside, which probably turned out better than having to worry about kids coming in and out of the house. The little kiddos had a blast jumping around and throwing themselves all over the place.

We all gathered in the kitchen to sing happy birthday to Dane, and eat dirt cake and cupcakes. When everyone was singing to Dane he was just standing there staring at everyone with a confused look on his face. It was so cute and funny. Then once it was done then he got this a HUGE grin on his face, and thought it was funny!

Then we had a small tantrum when I put Dane into his high chair. He wanted the cupcake, and wanted nothing to do with blowing out the candle. But, don't you worry... all this was caught on video!!! I can black mail him with this later on in life. So, no blowing out the candle this year... but he REALLY enjoyed eating the cupcake!!

Then it was time for presents!! We had a little drama when it came time for this. haha I probably should have thought this out a little more than I did, and had Dane open up clothes first before the toys. He got A LOT of great stuff, with lots of summer clothes that he desperately needed! Once he opened up a toy he would want to play with it immedately, and not want to open other gifts. THEN... he opened up this car racer thingy from Christy and Gabe, and let's just say that this proved not to be one of Dane's finest moments. Lil man Gage wanted to play with it too, and the boys started fighting over the cars!!! Dane was screaming MINE, and Gage was trying to take the cars away from Dane. It ended with Tabitha getting onto Gage that it wasn't his birthday, and I was getting onto to Dane for not sharing and for pushing Gage. It was pretty funny actually, but at the same time a tad embarassing!!!! Once again... all caught on tape! So when Gage is Dane's best man in his wedding we can play this video!! It is official... I have myself a tantrum throwing two year old toddler!!!! Lil Sophie, who is the same age just sat there and watched all this go down!! I think she was shocked! Thanks Christy for giving us some entertainment with this gift!

The party was a success!! We had a couple meltdowns, but overall Dane had a blast at his party. We really apprecaiate you all that came to help celebrate this special day!!! Our family drove from Orange and from Austin, and Jackie came from New York and we had friends who came from Dallas, Weimar, Friendswood, and all over houston!! Thank you for taking time out of yalls busy day to come to his party! and thanks for all the great gifts!!

So, if you were thinking there wasn't enough pictures.. just wait theres more!! :)


Yes Lots more...

And some more....

What to do with all the balloons once the party was over????
Oh well, give them to the balloon man, Zach of course!
He wanted to take every single balloon that I had home with him... hilarious!! Less for me to clean up!!