Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Recap

2009 is over!!

I can't say that 2009 was one of my favorite years, or that it was that great. But, it did go by pretty fast considering. My little man has grown so much in 2009, and has reached a ton of milestones, many of them more than once. Even though this past year has been harder than most, 2009 blessed us in so many ways.

Let us take a little trip down memory lane and visit some of the highlights of 2009.

Dane had his 1st haircut

1st birthday

We celebrated Dane's girlfriend, Sophie turning 1

Dane learned how to walk

Dane's best friend, Gage turned 1

We found out that Dane's hip was not in place

Kevin and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary in San Francisco

Dane had his surgery and was put in the first cast

Spent a week in the hospital, and while there refused to smile, and had 100's of wagon rides

Learned to roll over in cast, and began to army crawl

Learned to pull up to a standin position

Had the 1st cast removed and put into the smaller cast

Had to gain muscle strength in left leg

Learned to blow kisses

had a fun day at Kemah boardwalk

Learned how to climb... sort of

1st visit to the after hour clinic from the help of a spider bite

got cast removed and started wearing brace

Started crawling on all 4s

Learned to walk while holding on to furniture or his truck

Had a july 4th road trip to San Marcus and Weimar

Learned to walk 2nd time around

had his 1st kiss and went to his 1st astro game

Went to the beach with his boy Gage

Found out the brace was causing damage to the hip, and had to have his 2nd arthorgram

Saw Sesame Street Live

Went to Vegas for Todd & Leigh Ann's wedding

I went with my girls to see Taylor Swift perform

Saturday visit to the zoo

Leigh Ann & Todd tied the knot

Jackie celebrated her 6oth

Dane started school 3 days a week

visited a pumpkin patch

went to a balloon festival

Dane was a fireman for halloween

Dane had his MRI. News was not good
My mom went with me to get a 2nd opinion

went to Dallas and got to go to the ice land

had physical therapy eval

thanksgiving in Orange

snowed in Texas!

looked at lights at Santa's wonderland

Went to New York

Had a visit from Santa

Happy New Year Every One!!!

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