Friday, January 1, 2010

23 months

On New Years Eve Dane turned 23 months. Excuse me while I go cry myself to sleep. It just can not be true that we are less than a month away from having a two year old in the house. :( Heart wrenching! Dane is losing his baby-ness more and more each and every day. He is so independent now, and is copying everything that we do and say. He understands so much now, and has really started following commands. We can tell him to go get something, and usually if he doesn't get distracted on the way there, he will bring back what we told him. The amount of words he says now is unbelievable to us sometimes, and he is getting really good about putting several words together. He is saying short sentences, not totally clear, but enough where we know exactly what he is trying to say.

He is totally obsessed with trains, balls, trucks, tools, tractors, and everything else that describes a boy. He loves his basketball goal, and baseball tee, and is actually pretty good with anything sport related. I never really understood when people would say someone was all boy or all girl before I had Dane. But, Dane is ALL BOY... Now I totally understand that phrase. He loves building with blocks, and knocking down towers that are made. In the past month or so, he has gotten so loud. He screams a lot more just for no reason, loves to bang on anything and everything, and has gotten more rough and tough as well. He is a hilarious little fellow who is so silly and has a spunky little attitude, but can be sweet and cuddly as well.

Dane still hasn't gotten all of his teeth yet. He is a late bloomer when it comes to that. Still sleeping great, but eating is a constant battle. One of the funniest things that he does now is when you catch him doing something that he isn't suppose to do, or if he is going to the bathroom he will tell you HI. I think he does it to distract you, so you don't see what he is actually doing. It is pretty cute, and funny. Whenever you hear him say hi 9 times out of 10 means that he is up to something fishy. He has gotten to the point where he doesn't have to be psycho watched. Don't get me wrong he still gets into things that he isn't suppose to, but it isn't as bad as it once was. I can leave him for a couple moments upstairs or in a room by himself, and not have to worry about what he is doing. Although, I just remembered that the toilet has become a minor issue. For some reason he likes to throw trash into it instead of the trash can. Weird, and have no idea why, other than he gets a reaction out of me.

We found out that Dane is not a fan of fireworks. Last night Kevin bought some sparklers, and Dane was not interested in them at all. Also, Kevin tried black cats which tend to be really loud, and Dane freaked out. Didn't like them at all. Some new phrases that we hear a lot... it is a mess, oh you miss (when shooting basketball in the basket), want hand (if he wants you to go with some where), cheese when you pull out the camera, says oh a lot when you say something to him. It makes you feel like he understands. Has gotten pretty good about please, but usually will just nod his head when you try to get him to say thank you. For some reason Dane loves to say poo poo now. Cracks me up. And he never says it when he actually did...just at random times. He will say one two or A B... then usually throws out a random letter like E or P or a random number like 13.

I am busy planning his 2nd birthday party. It makes me sad that it is already that time. :(

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