Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back to New Years Eve

I still feel like I haven't slowed down any from all the hustle and bustle of the holidays. It is already January 6th, which is just hard to believe. There is just way too much going on, and what is sad about this situation is that I have been off work since last week!! I need another week off to just relax and unwind, I think. Kevin is on the last leg of his masters program. Can I just say YEAH!!!! He is busy working on his LAST paper which is due at the end of February. Poor thing though, he is stressed to the max, and exhausted. He works full time, and then comes home to stay up pretty late every night trying to get his 50 page paper done. So come March there will be a lot of celebrating done.

I wanted to do a post ( and I still may) about this past decade, but really just haven't had time to get it together. I can not believe that we are already in 2010! I can remember celebrating 2000 like it was just last year. A lot has happened since 2000. And saying that 10 years ago felt like last year, just made me feel old! ha Isn't that what old people say? haha And I also want to do a post on what I am wanting to get better at in 2010... it may be later for both of these. Hopefully, before 2011! Ha

Anyway, here are some pictures of Kevin doing the sparklers for Dane before we put him to bed on New Years Eve. He kind of liked the sparklers...was only interested for like 2.5 minutes before decided that it wasn't that great. Then Kevin lit some black cats, and totally freaked Dane out. He didn't like how loud they were I guess, so we put him inside to watch so it wouldn't be so loud. But, then he freaked out that he was in the house by himself! :) So, the fireworks weren't at the top of Dane's like list this year. And you know, doing home fireworks isn't really mine either. For some reason it really just freaks me out a little. The whole time Kevin was holding the sparklers and lighting the others I caught myself not breathing, and was nagging him to death about being careful, don't get to close yada yada yada. So, I can't say that this will be a family tradition. :)

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