Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Get In Touch With Your Feminine Side

The Gonzalez family invited us over Sunday night to watch football and just hang out. Well, Really the boys watched football, and Christy and I hung out mostly in the kitchen where the fajitas and queso were! I couldn't even begin to tell you what teams were playing! Ha

This pictures will be ones that Dane will not want me to pull out when he is older. Kevin probably doesn't want me to bring it up either. HAHA But, I have to... because it was hilarious. My little man found his feminine side in more ways than one!!!

Dane found Sophie's baby stroller that she got for Christmas, and he grew very attached to it as the night went on. It started out with him pushing the empty stroller every where, and I mean EVERY WHERE!!! Every time we would look at him he was pushing that thing around. It was cracking us up. Christy reassured Kevin that Zach liked to play with it too! HAHAHA He looked so funny pushing that bright pink stroller around. It caused a few tiffs between Dane and Sophie. She was not happy that he was playing with her stroller, and he did not like it when she would try to take it away from him. He kept telling her MINE MINE, and so we had to let him know that it was not his. Oh man it was hilarious!

Shortly after he found the stroller he found a football. I thought for sure that the stroller would be long gone, but oh no. He didn't want anyone to play with either the stroller or football. So to make sure that he had control of both he put the ball in the stroller, and pushed it around the rest of the night. Not kidding. He had a death grip on the stroller, and finally Sophie just gave up trying to get the stroller back. I guess she figured it was a lost cause with Dane. He even put his back pack in the stroller. I think he liked the idea of having something to put stuff in that was able to roll around. It was crazy how attached he was to the stroller. Christy kept teasing Kevin that she was going to buy Dane one for his birthday. I think that every time Kevin saw Dane with the pink stroller he cringed, but was happy that Dane was also carrying around the ball! I can not tell you how funny this was!

To make it even more of a funny night we forgot Dane's sippie cup so he had to borrow one of Sophie's. Oh yes bright pink. I have never laughed so hard in my life. There he is in all his glory... with his bright pink cup! Pushing a bright pink stroller and carrying a bright pink cup..the night couldn't get better

But wait...there's more!!!!! HAHAHAHA oh my gosh I'm cracking up right now as I type. Sophie had 2 babies that laugh and cry when you make movements around it. And Dane just loved the one that would laugh. every time it would laugh he would crack up, which in turn would make us bust a gut also. He was all about the baby. He held it, and I even saw him kiss it one time. I think Kevin just wanted to crawl under a rock! But, it was so cute and so funny! Then lil Miss Sophie was walking around like she was a Hollywood girl with her sun shades on!! She was just too cute! Poor thing. Dane took all of her toys from her and made them his!! Thanks Sophie for sharing your toys.

Ok so the night wasn't totally girly! Zach and Dane were the DJs of the party and helped us to rock it out! Dane loves hanging with his buddy Zach!

Just a random pic of the big boys... not sure what they were looking at on the laptop...I think it was Kevin's way to avoid the reality of all the pink!!! HAHAHAHA I will say though to the little man's defense that a lot of ball throwing happened at the end of the night with Dane being the main one playing with the ball!!!

Real Men aren't afraid of a little Pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Christy said...

I love it! Pink rocks!! I love that picture of all three of them. Too funny!!