Sunday, January 10, 2010

I couldn't think of a title for this post, but leaving it blank wasn't an option HAHA

Not a whole lot going on here... probably why I couldn't come up with a title for this post. It has actually been a very slow paced weekend. And unfortunately, even though we hardly did anything this weekend it went by extremely fast... BOOH!! Back to work I go.

But, the lil man did surprise us this weekend, and did something that he hasn't done before. Dane has been "pretending" all weekend. Normally, he just plays with his toys that he has in front of him. But Friday he actually started pretending that he had keys that he didn't actually have in his hands. He would run to the door in the TV room, and act like he was getting something off a shelf, (which there was no shelf) and then come back with his fingers closed and show us his keys. Then he would pretend to use those keys to start his truck. He did this over and over, and kept showing us his pretend keys. I know it is cheesy, but I thought it was really neat. I just find it weird how one day he is playing with what is in front of him, and then the next he has started learning to be creative and imaginative. It is crazy what lil people learn from day to day. So, it should be interesting to see how this small amount of pretending turns into a part of his daily life.

Dane also has started saying HUT HUT right before he throws a football at you. Usually, he gets pretty much right in your face, as he launches the ball. I find myself covering my face anytime he has a ball now, because with him being so close I can never manage to catch it, but instead having my cheek being hit pretty hard with the ball. He actually has a pretty good arm, and is able to catch the ball occasionally as well. It doesn't matter what sport it is...Dane loves it if a ball is involved. I look forward to when he is old enough to actually play with a team.

One other tidbit is that Dane loves the number 2. If asked how old he is going to be he will say two. He wants two of everything that he holds. If you give him a ball he will say want 2. Or a snack...same thing want two. It doesn't matter if he has 40 of whatever right in front of him, he wants one for each hand. Drives us crazy sometimes. At restaurants he plays with the sugar packets, and it doesn't matter if he literally has every single one in a pile in front of him, he wants one for each hand. Give him a sippie cup, and he says want 2. Choo Choo train... you better have 2. Etc Etc Etc. Crazy lil man.

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