Sunday, January 24, 2010

P is for project

Not a whole lot going on here in Wittschen's World. Kevin is busy working on his paper, while taking breaks to watch Sunday football. I have been busy getting ready for Dane's birthday which is quickly approaching, and doing a SCHOOL PROJECT.

Dane came home with a note on Thursday that this coming up week he was going to be STUDENT of the WEEK!!! I was so proud! And with this honor came work from us...or shall I say me. They wanted us to make a poster with pictures of him and his family and things that he loves. Sounds easy, but of course I have psycho tendencies when it comes to projects that involve pictures! Meaning it takes me forever to figure out what I am going to do, and I tend to just obsess over making the project perfect. This time was no different. I thought about it all weekend, and then it was crunch time today to get it done. I made Kevin look at the past week's student of the week poster when he picked up Dane Friday to see what it looked like, so I would know how elaborate it needed to be. Well, Kevin thought it wasn't all that great... just a couple pictures with a cheap looking border. I sat there and stared at the white poster board forever on Saturday, and Kevin kept telling me Jayne you are making this way too complicated, just throw some pictures on it and be done. I just can't do that. I finally figured out what I was going to do after hours of thinking about it. I decided to do kind of an alphabet theme. D is for Dane etc. I think it turned out pretty cute. I ran out of room, so there were quite a few letters that I wasn't able to put on it. So, Kevin gave me the great idea that I could make an alphabet book for Dane using all these ideas. Good idea, just not sure if I will really ever have time for it, but if so I will! It is a little busy, but Kevin said that I met all the requirements, and if he was grading my project I would get an A+ for sure! Good to know!

Let's break it down so you can see it better...

I hope this is my LAST school project for a while. It wore me out, and my brain hurts!

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Christy said...

JAYNE!!! That is sooo cute!! Good idea!! I'm proud of the "friends" section! :)