Thursday, January 14, 2010

Monkey Bizness

Since the weather was awesome the last couple days I was looking forward to taking Dane to the park today. But, the rain decided to ruin my plans. So, I decided that I would take Dane to do something fun today, instead of hanging out at home since I knew that he would have tons of energy, but wouldn't be able to play outside. We went to Monkey Bizness which is a place that has a bunch of inflatable moon walks, slides and obstacle courses. They have an open play during the week for the general public in one of their rooms, or you can have birthday parties there as well in private rooms.

At first Dane and I got into one of the moon walks, and he didn't like it. He was having a hard time getting his balance, and I don't think he knew what to do. He just wanted out out out as he kept saying. There were bouncy balls all over the place, so Dane just wanted to play with the balls, and was acting scared to get in the bouncy houses. So, what's a mom to do?? Well, gather up all the balls and put them inside the moon walk of course. Once I had all the balls in their I was able to talk Dane into getting in. And then the fun began!! He figured out he could throw himself up against the walls, and the floor and that he bounced and it didn't hurt. He would "jump" and throw himself all around. His jumping consists of his upper body moving, but his feet doesn't come off the ground. It is a pretty cute sight.

One of the moon walks had a built in slide, which Dane wanted to do 100 times in a row. He loved it. The only drawback was that the ladder steps were too far apart, so Dane wasn't able to climb it himself. So, I would have to get behind him and throw him up the ladder. Remember it is all inflatable, so me throwing him was no big deal. ha But once he would get to the top, he would sit his little self down and was not scared at all to slide without me. Wooh...I got one major workout. My arms were killing me by the end from climbing the ladder while throwing him up the steps. He had a BLAST at this place.

There were a group of daddies there with their kiddos. Who knew that there were daddy play dates???? I thought it was very sweet, but I did think it was a bit odd as well. Anyway, they were having a great time on the "big" "Gigantic" slide, so I decided that Dane and I needed to do it too. This ladder was much harder to climb while helping Dane up. It was very steep and slippery, and every time I would throw Dane up a couple steps by the time I would get myself up those steps he would slide down farther. It was tough. By the time we got to the top I was sweating, out of breath, and literally felt like I was dying! haha I had intentions of Dane and I going down the slide together, but once we got to the top Dane was pushing me away, and wanted to go by himself. Let me just say that I freaked out a bit watching him slide down the slide. I thought it was going to go the same speed as the other slide, but oh no he went down as fast as lightening! I had a split thought oh my gosh! WHat have I sent my baby down????? But he landed fine... he had huge eyes, and maybe a tad white... but he wasn't freaking out. :) Seeing Dane go that fast I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it!! haha Wooh! It was FAST, and even made my stomach feel like it dropped to the ground.

But, Dane had so much fun! I enjoyed getting to do something fun with him, and spending time hanging out and doing a little monkey business!

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