Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Party Bound

Well we are 4 days from Dane's party and 5 days until his actual 2nd birthday! WAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! I just can not even begin to tell you how weird it is to say that Dane is 2! It is really a bitter sweet thing for me. There is no other way to describe it. I love all the stuff he is learning and able to do now. He is in an awesome stage, he is so cute now with so much personality. He has gotten so smart, and is really struggling to be so independent. It is amazing to see how much he picks up now... can be a scary thing as well. We have to watch everything that we do and say, but it totally cracks us up when he does something that we do that wed don't even think about doing. But, at the same time he is growing up so much, and it makes me sad. He doesn't (think) he needs us as much as before, wants to do everything himself, and is even getting almost too heavy to carry around. This past year has flown by, even with all the hard times that we had with Dane's hip. I know that I will blink my eyes and he will be a grown man before I know it. **SIGH**

I have been working hard getting ready for Dane's birthday party. Kevin set up the moon walks the other day to make sure he knew how to do it, and to clean them before the party. It was pretty chilly, but we let Dane play in them for a little while. The weather is suppose to be sunny on Saturday, but in the high 20's to low 30's!!!! Are you kidding me? I'm hoping that it will be warm enough to play outside during the party. If not we may have to set up one of the moon walks in the garage, and maybe one in the play room. I am looking forward to his party though... I hope that he has a good time!

Yesterday I got online to watch Dane while he was at school and got to witness something cute. The kids were just getting up from their nap time, and Dane was still laying down on his mat. One of his classmates came up to him and kneeled down beside him and started rubbing his back!!!! She sat there for a few minutes just a patting away. He just laid there without moving. I just thought it was so cute. So, I'm wondering if this little girl was Myra. Who's Myra? That is a good question. The other day on Dane's progress note it said that he had a great time playing in the learning center with Myra! I asked Kevin who's Myra? haha It isn't a teacher, so it has to be one of his friends! Maybe Myra is his school girlfriend. Don't worry Sophie...Dane isn't cheating on you! :)

On to other news... Kevin is missing his Aggie ring. He wears it every day, but can not seem to find it now. Hmm... I know I didn't take it, and Kevin knows he didn't lose it out of the house... Hmm...who could have taken it?? Got me. We have looked every where, but have not found it yet. I know it is around here somewhere...it may just take time to find out where the lil booger hid it. I hope we find it at least for Kevin's sake!

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Noah's Mommy said...

Have fun at the party! Hope the weather warms up...and he doesn't need that stinking Aggie ring! LOL! Just kidding- hope you find it!