Monday, January 18, 2010

Step Up!!

The other day we ventured off to the mall to do a little clothes shopping for the little man. We ended up getting to the mall an hour before they actually opened on accident. Luckily, Willowbrook Mall has an indoor play area for kids around Dane's age. There were several other people there who must have thought the mall opened the same time we did. So, we played and played, and Dane had a great time. He ran around got out lots of energy, played on the slides, chit chatted with the other kids. And then...

He used his left leg to climb the small stairs!!! Woohoo. He only did it a couple times, but this is something that his physical therapists are really struggling with him on. He normally only steps up with his right, so he doesn't have to put any weight on the left. But, even though these stairs are pretty small apart, he used his left leg to step up on his own without us encouraging him to do so. So, we were excited and proud of him. I can't wait to tell his therapists that he did it a few times. So, after we played we hit up the 4 stores that I wanted to go to. We didn't find much... I'm looking for clothes for when it gets warm, but not a lot is out yet. Thankfully, it is still where he can wear long sleeve shirts, because he really doesn't have any short sleeve shirts that fit him anymore.

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The Momoh Family said...

I just don't get it. You "accidently" are in the mall and your pictures look like you planned a photo shoot. Such talent!!! What do you do,,keep your camera with you at all times? Also,, you are so creative on places you go and things you do. Poor Grace,,, she may go to Target,, that's about it:)