Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Week 5

Dane has completed 5 weeks of physical therapy. I realized today that I haven't given an update in a while about how it is going. Therapy is actually going great, and Dane loves going. His therapists do a really good job with making him have fun, while they are sneaking in exercises. When they come out to the waiting room to get him, he walks right up to them and waves bye bye to me. I'm so thankful that his therapists are as sweet as they are, and have made Dane feel very comfortable with them. We can tell a difference already just in how he walks and he is running better also. The thing that is going to take a while to improve is him bending his left knee when kneeling down, or sitting on his bottom, and putting equal weight on the left hip. He still keeps that leg straight while doing those movements. Also, they have been working on trying to get his hip to move inward more as well. The therapist said that he still tries to resist some movements, but overall they can tell a difference in the amount of movement that he is able to do now. They feel like it will take a while though for him to learn how to bend his leg when sitting and kneeling, because it has been so long since his surgery, so the scar tissue is pretty thick. Also, he has been moving in this way for so long that his left leg is quite a bit weaker than the right, so this will take time to learn to adjust the weight, and use both hips equally. It isn't just a matter of getting him to break this habit...he needs to gain strength in the left hip, so these movements are more natural. The therapists are very positive though about where they are now with his progress, and can tell a big difference in the amount of stretching that they are able to do now with Dane. Things are going well, but we do know that he will have to be in physical therapy for several more months. We want to do as much as we can to get the hip as normal as it can be, and breaking down that scar tissue isn't a fast thing. But, we are really happy with the way things are going!! Cheers to that!

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Christy said...

Oh, so glad to hear that everything is "running" smoothly! Cheers!!