Monday, January 18, 2010

We're still TRUCK'N on

Dane absolutely loves his truck. He loves to sit in it, climb on top of it, get underneath it, play in the bed of the truck, push it from behind, have you push him in it. You see him quite often throwing stuff in the back of the truck and pushing it around. This is his safe haven I think. When it is time to go to bed for night time or naps he thinks if he runs to his truck, gets in and slams the door that you won't be able to get him. He does this pretty much every time that you say it is time to go to sleep. He also does it if he has gone to the bathroom, and you are wanting to change his diaper. But, we are stronger than him. Ha We can get him out every time! He still isn't able to walk forward while sitting in it, but he has gotten pretty fast at pushing himself backwards. Little Booger is also very protective of his truck as well. The other day when we had Sophia over, there was quite a bit of tension if she even dared acted like she was going to get in his truck. He was not having it. He thinks the whole "share" thing does not apply to his truck! Santa did an excellent job with this purchase.

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