Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Where's your KIDNEYS??

Dane loves to play Where's your ?? Where's your hair? Where's your eyes? Wheres your belly? Even things like Where's your keys? where's your shoes? But, the most recent has been Where's your dimples? and Where's your hiney?

Well this brings me back to something that happened a couple months ago. Kevin and I joke about this all the time now, because I just think it is funny, and a tad bit crazy. Dane and I were at his doctor's office in the waiting room. Sitting pretty close to us was a couple with a boy pretty close to Dane's age. Dane and I were looking through a book passing time, and I was asking him where things were in the book. Like do you see the cow, where's the cow? Or where's the balloon? I was in no way trying to show off how much Dane knew, and how smart he was. I was simply trying to keep him busy as we waited. He does better when I point at stuff verses actually reading the book. Well, I know some parents get a little competitive, and want to make sure that everyone knows how smart their child is. So, this lady started asking her child to point out different body parts. At first, I didn't think anything of it...just thought she was doing the same thing I was...keeping her child entertained. Every time she would say where's your ?? Dane would also point to whatever she said. She said where's your nose, and Dane pointed to his. I thought it was hilarious that he was playing along even though it wasn't me asking him. So she went through the obvious facial parts, and then she made the remark ok let's do some harder ones. I noticed that every time she would ask him something and Dane would also point to his she would give me a half smile kind of smirk. Well, the game turned ugly. She then asked for child to point to his kidney. HIS KIDNEY!!!!! I mean I don't think I even knew where my kidney was until I took Anatomy! The little boy pointed to his back! And then she kind of made a IN YOUR FACE smile at me. It was weird. She mentioned a few other body parts that were internal in the body to prove her point I guess. I just thought the whole thing was strange. Who cares that your lil man knows where his kidney is and my little man doesn't. This isn't a competition... I'll admit that I ask my friends that have kids Dane's age about their milestones... not to compete, but really for my own sanity. To make sure that he is learning what he is suppose to at this age, and that I'm doing what I should be doing to raise him.

But, if we are competing my lil man wins the award for being cute! He was way more cute by the way than the other boy!!!! haha I'm just kidding... well sort of. But, Dane's dimples are by far the cutest dimples of all time!

Where's your hiney? Cutest lil hiney I have ever seen!

Where's your dimples?? I don't think he actually knows what the dimple is... I think he thinks it is just his cheek. If I ask him to show me his dimples he just points to his cheek instead of smiling to make dimples. And he gets a lil confused sometimes where exactly the dimples are... sometimes he points to his cheeks, sometimes it is like his temples or right under his eyes by the nose. haha

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