Sunday, February 28, 2010

No No No Duke

Dane and I made a visit to the "fruit" aka Orange on Friday. We weren't there long before my mom had put me to work addressing envelopes, stuffing envelopes and doing other odds and inns for the campaign. Orange is normally a place that is peaceful and relaxing, but it is complete opposite when there is an election that will be happening in the next few days. My mom and David's phones were constantly ringing, and emails were being sent back and forth, and they were running all over the city. They are so exhausted, and ready for this to be done. And after being there for a couple days I felt just as tired!! ok not near as tired as they were, but mentally exhausted from listening to everything. They are constantly having to be at events, making appearances at places, meeting people etc. Saturday morning David got a call around 9:00 from his friend who is a preacher at one of the local churches that there was a parade for black history month going on at 11, and he needed to come down and be in the parade so he could meet some more people. So, at a drop of a hat their plans change, and they have to be where ever they are wanted. I only caught the very tail end of the parade, and wasn't able to get a good picture of David riding on the horse. But I thought I would share it anyway!

Duke, my mom's puppy, has not calmed down at all. He went to obedient school, but unfortunately didn't learn anything while there. So, he is just as hyper as before and Dane is still scared of him. He loves to talk about Duke, but he wants Duke as far away as possible from him. Duke spends most of his time outside if we are inside the house and in his kennel if he is in the house while we are there. Poor Duke. he knows when Dane is there he gets kicked out. He will sit there at the door and watch us in the house, or if we are in the office he will stand up on the swing outside so he can see in the office window. Remember this picture?

Except he is MUCH MUCH bigger now than when that was taken... so you can imagine how funny it is to see him looking through the office window at you now. Duke Probably wonders what is going on hen the little man arrives. And not only is he kicked out of the house he has little fingers constantly pointing at him saying NO NO NO DUKE even if he isn't doing anything!! It was so funny. Dane figured out that he could play in the dog's kennel when Duke was outside, so this became his new favorite place.

I'm heading back to Orange on Tuesday to gather with friends and family to await the outcome of the election. We should know something late Tuesday night. So, we hope and pray for a good outcome!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Let me just say... I don't believe in fortunes. I know that everything that happens is from the one up above...

However, when I get Chinese food I do love to get the fortune cookies and see what "my" fortune says for fun. For the most part... they are so vague and silly.

But, I have had Chinese food twice now in the past week. And both times i have gotten a great fortune! And these fortunes have made me stop, re-read them and think these were made for me. :) I like them so much that I kept them and have put them on my fridge!!

Why do I like them?? DUH!! Because they reminded me that I have been given a talent... I'm working to improve my talent and I have a dream that one day my talent will be my career! Any guesses what that dream could possibly be??? haha

Sleepless in Cypress

This week has been rough for a couple reasons. For one Kevin has been swamped with his paper, and it hasn't gone as well as he has hoped. That's a whole different post for a different day. On my end I had to work the schedule this week that I hate the most. Mon-Wed was my 3 days on, which is three 12 hour shifts in a row...very tiring. And lastly Dane has totally refused to sleep for the past week. We have no idea what has happened, but for some reason or another Dane has been struggling. He has started freaking out when we put him in his crib, and will cry for as long as you let him. Usually he may cry for a minute or two, but then will stop and go to sleep on his own. The first couple nights we thought maybe he just wasn't tired, so we would let him stay up a little longer. But, when we put him back to bed he freaks out again. We have tried letting him cry it out... and 2 hours go by and the crying hasn't calmed down at all. We have tried letting him sleep with us because we were exhausted and he still wouldn't go to sleep. It is almost like he is suffering from insomnia. So, last night he we let him cry for about an hour, then Kevin went in and laid him back down and laid himself on the floor by Dane's crib. He was trying to show Dane that he was there, but was refusing to get him out of his bed. So, Dane cried and cried and eventually pretty much fell over. Well, about 2:30 in the morning Dane started screaming.. I let him cry for about an hour hoping that he would eventually go back to sleep, but he didn't. So, I went and got him and at first wouldn't even lay with us in our bed. We turned the tv on to calm him down... Kevin and I fell asleep. I woke up about every 30 minutes and Dane was awake every single time! Needless to say he only got about 4 1/2 - 5 hrs last night. On a good night he gets about 13 hours! Surely, with no sleep you would think nap time would be a piece of cake. Nope. didn't happen. He hung out in his crib for two hours and never went to sleep. Talk about wanting to throw your head through the wall. ARRG so frustrating.

So, today has not been fun! Desperate times call for desperate measures. Dane needs sleep..he is starting to get a bit manic. I'm not sure if maybe he has molars coming in or what the story is, so I decided to give him a little bit of benadryl tonight in case maybe his ears or teeth are hurting. PLEASE DON'T JUDGE ME!! Something is going on, and we are at our Witts end!! seriously. And I plan on bringing him to the doctor in the morning just in case. And if it isn't his ears or teeth maybe they can offer up a suggestion to what to do and maybe what is causing the insomnia. At the moment he is fast asleep!! So please pray he sleeps good tonight.. I don't mind him waking up in the middle of the night, but it does worry me when he wakes up and can not go back to sleep. It has been a crazy week.. He has maybe gotten 13 hours of sleep total all week including his past weekend.

This is what happens when you have a boy with no sleep... he just lays down in the grass and refuses to get up! Poor Baby!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Grocery List

-lunch meat
-dental floss

*** why do I need dental floss***

Hmm... let's see....

Maybe because someone did this... not saying any names...

just another normal typical day at the Wittschen's

Sunday, February 21, 2010


As many of you know my step dad is running for Justice of the Peace in my home town, Orange. We need all the support we can get!! So, I am asking all of you who read this and live in the PRECINCT 1 area to get out and show your support and vote for David Peck. Early voting is going on now through February 26, and the primary election voting day is March 2nd.

For those who are not sure which parts of Orange is Precinct 1... here are the main areas that are in that precinct... Let me know if you are not sure if your neighborhood is in that precinct and I can let you know!!
- all of the old parts of Orange (courthouse, museum, theatre, 1st Baptist church and all the neighborhoods surrounding those areas)
- all the neighborhoods around the country club, Sunset park, 16th street, Shangri La etc
- All of LCM neighborhoods

We would so appreciate if you could spread the word and tell everyone who lives in this area to VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!! DAVID PECK - JUSTICE OF THE PEACE!!!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just Another Simplified Saturday

I had to get Dane out of the house today so Kevin could maximize his time to work on his paper. He only has 6 days left before he has to turn it in, so he is a tad stressed to say the least. Although Kevin's office is upstairs and in the corner of the house Dane can be a distraction at times. Usually Kevin has to sneak away when Dane is around because if Dane knows Daddy is home then he wants Kevin to play with him constantly. Kevin is Dane's buddy, and he doesn't get the concept of Daddy has an important paper due soon, and can't play with balls or blocks right now. It can be frustrating... I will have Dane entertained, and then Kevin will come downstairs to get something to drink or whatever and then WW3 begins all over again when Kevin won't play.

I had planned on Dane and I taking a scenic drive to find some cool places for me to take pictures in the future. I wanted to check out the Montrose area, downtown, and museum district. My plan didn't go too well due to a little thing called Construction. I understand that construction has to be done, and is usually done on the weekends. But, what I don't understand is why it is necessary to close a hwy completely, and force the cars to exit onto a different hwy. I was wanting to take HWY 290 to Int10, but the road was completely closed where 290 meets 610. We were forced to exit onto 610 going East...which is no where near INT 10 or any other highway that I needed. So, we were stuck in a major traffic jam for over an hour. I was not a happy camper! Very aggravating. Oh, and did I mention that Dane was tired of being in the car, and so he wasn't a happy camper either. Oh, and I tried turning around and just going back on HWY 290 the way we came, but they had closed all the lanes but 1 so traffic was horrible that way also.

So, after we wasted part of the day sitting bumper to bumper in traffic Dane desperately needed to get out of the car. So, I found a little area that he could run around for a little bit. I have no idea at this point where exactly I was. ha... just saw an area that had benches, walking trails etc so just pulled over. Basically, Dane and I played he runs, and I chase him the whole time.

Dane cracked me up with this next photo... He is such a ham. Look how smashed up against the fence he was. He kept doing this over and over. He just thought it was the funniest thing ever... which by the way it was!

Guess what we did after this????? 3 guesses and the first 2 don't count. We did something that we never do... yeah right! We went to the PARK! AGAIN. **sigh** There wasn't much for Dane to do at our first stop, and he kept trying to get in the man-made lakes that surrounded the area which was totally stressing me out, so we headed over to his favorite place. I just don't have any place to take him that will keep him entertained for that long besides places he can play outside. He loves to be outside and this will entertain him for HOURS. Let's face it bringing him shopping is always a disaster... he gets bored and wants to play with everything and he wants to walk not ride in the stroller. Anyway, I feel like I am defending myself for taking him to the park so often! haha But, at least I try not to duplicate the pictures!!!

Once we got home I felt like Kevin needed to get out of seclusion and take a 30 minute break. Yes, I usually have to tell him he needs a break. Because otherwise I won't see him at all, and he will just continue working till he falls asleep. And usually, once I ask him to take a break, he will agree that he needs one! So, What's a better way to take a break than going and getting some ice cream! So that's what we did...

And rememeber a long time ago I talked about how Dane always takes off just his right sock, but always keeps on the left... well now he does the sock and the shoe... this is how we found him when we got to Dairy Queen.

Here is my hard working hubby who is looking mighty cute... all scruffy and mentally drained! :)

Is it crazy that I feel like we didn't really do much today, but this post is really long, and I took a lot of pictures???

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Take My Hand

Dane loves to grab our hand, and lead us where he wants us to go. I love it! I think it is just one of the sweetest things that he does right now. And I'm so glad that I was able to capture him doing it with my hand...

A Chicken Tradition

Sometimes Dane and I will have a lunch date at Chick Fil-A after his physical therapy session before heading home. It has become a tradition on the days that we really don't have much going on and is considered a special treat after working hard at therapy. Little man knows exactly where we are when we turn into the parking lot, and will usually say YEAH and then PLAY PLAY PLAY. He gets very excited.

You would think that being only 2 Dane would not want to eat, but only play. But, it is not like that at all. He has his own routine when we go. He immediately walks up to the counter and says eat eat. So I order his usual.. 4 piece chicken nugget kid meal with hash browns. He then walks to the high chair area, and if there is one that is not stacked he will roll it over to a table, and wants you to put him in it. He normally eats every piece of chicken and most of the hash browns, drinks some milk and then will want to go play. It's crazy how every single time that we go he does the EXACT same routine. I think he thrives on routine... he does not get this from me. :)

He likes to walk up the slide, but will not slide down unless I climb in with him and have him on my lap. Made the mistake of doing this one time, and then he wanted me to do it OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's Tough...

Being a 2 year old...

The Ground Hog Saw His Shadow...

So 6 more weeks of winter

So what happens when the little man

Sees his shadow for the very 1st time?

He says LOOK, LOOK, MAN, MAN!!! And wagon rides will never be the same....

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Biggest Piece of Fridge Art You Have Ever Seen


Just to back up a little... Kevin and I have a history of him forgetting to tell me stuff. His mother can totally vouch for me on this one. It has happened on many occasions. She will say did Kevin tell you about such and such, and I will say no he didn't. Kevin always feels like he told me and I forgot. Um no. So when it comes to things happening at Dane's school I usually have to find out myself. For example student of the week Kevin forgot to mention it to me, and I found the note in his backpack a couple days later. Same thing with his valentine's party. But, to my hubby's defense he has a lot on his mind.

Well today I was picking up, and I saw some things that looked like art work folded up under some stuff on our table. Once again Kevin obviously has seen this, but forgot to mention that Dane was sent home with this. So, I started going through it, and then I came across this blue paper that was folded like 100 times. What is this I thought???? ha ha HAHAHA HHHHHHAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I asked Dane who is this? And he said that's Dane!! So cute! I just couldn't stop laughing. I mean seriously it's HUGE!!!! I decided to put it on our fridge just to see Kevin's reaction when he came out of his man hole. I couldn't stop laughing as I was hanging it up. Like what am I suppose to do with this thing?????? Kevin came out and didn't even notice at first!!! I mean Hello there is a man taped to our fridge! I was laughing and he was like what what's so funny?? Freaking Hilarious! Obviously his head is somewhere else, and this just shows why I am SO ready for my man to be done with his masters program! I am bored to tears without him, and so I'm always having to find things to entertain myself.

Meet our newest member of our family...

Valentine's Lunch

Kevin and I have both been craving PF Changs lately, and neither of us have been there in a while, so we decided this would be where we would eat for Valentine's Day. With Kevin extremely busy with the last leg of his paper he really didn't have much time this year to get away for too long. Romantic... not so much, but just our Reality for a little bit longer. We figured that PF Changs would be packed on Valentine's Day, and I didn't want to spend hours there waiting for a table when Kevin had so much to do. So, luckily Kevin already had today off because of President's Day, so we just decided that Monday would be our day. I woke up this morning to roses on our kitchen table with cards all around it. Little man got me a card also. Kevin also surprised me with a gift certificate to get a massage!! It definitely has been too long for one of those, so I look forward to using it soon!

Kevin worked on his paper all the way until it was time for us to leave to go have lunch, and then after lunch continued on with his work. PF CHANGS was every thing we were craving!! I love their sweet and sour chicken!! Yummy!! Anyway, we had a great lunch, and little man was on his best behavior! Dane fell in love with the chop sticks, and played with them the whole time we were there.

I wouldn't say this v-day was one that every girl would dream about, but I do love the fact that Kevin doesn't just use V-day to show me how much he loves me... there is never a day that goes by that he doesn't show me that I have his heart.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Another trip to the Park

Today was gorgeous!!! I think it was like 65 degrees...big change from the 40 degrees that we have been having. Perfect!! And since I didn't have valentine's day plans until Monday Dane was my date this afternoon. We spent the afternoon playing at the park. Lots of dads were there with their kids... I'm wondering if maybe this was their gift to their wives... a day without the kids. So, I have more park pictures... I know its BORING to see pictures of the same things... but I have a feeling there will be lots of days at the park. Dane loves going there, and I feel guilty if its a pretty day and I don't let him play outside... So here ya go... More Park pictures

Love is in the Air

Kevin and I are celebrating v-day on Monday.... post on that later...

But, the little man had a couple v-day gifts to open, so after church this morning (which by the way he has been moved to the MONKEY room since he turned 2...the name fits so appropriately) we brought them out for him. He was SO excited when he saw them, and immediately started throwing the tissue paper out and digging in!!! Total opposite what he did for his birthday... maybe because there was no audience.

Grandma and Grandpa sent him some really cute Elmo books, which Dane was really excited about when he saw them. MELMO MELMO MELMO, that's what we heard!! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the v-day present!

Cupid left some match box cars, the Disney movie "Cars", and a "cars" cup that had a fun straw. And of course a v-day tube of M&M's since those are his favorite.

Happy Valentine's Day to Everyone we love!!