Monday, February 15, 2010

The Biggest Piece of Fridge Art You Have Ever Seen


Just to back up a little... Kevin and I have a history of him forgetting to tell me stuff. His mother can totally vouch for me on this one. It has happened on many occasions. She will say did Kevin tell you about such and such, and I will say no he didn't. Kevin always feels like he told me and I forgot. Um no. So when it comes to things happening at Dane's school I usually have to find out myself. For example student of the week Kevin forgot to mention it to me, and I found the note in his backpack a couple days later. Same thing with his valentine's party. But, to my hubby's defense he has a lot on his mind.

Well today I was picking up, and I saw some things that looked like art work folded up under some stuff on our table. Once again Kevin obviously has seen this, but forgot to mention that Dane was sent home with this. So, I started going through it, and then I came across this blue paper that was folded like 100 times. What is this I thought???? ha ha HAHAHA HHHHHHAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I asked Dane who is this? And he said that's Dane!! So cute! I just couldn't stop laughing. I mean seriously it's HUGE!!!! I decided to put it on our fridge just to see Kevin's reaction when he came out of his man hole. I couldn't stop laughing as I was hanging it up. Like what am I suppose to do with this thing?????? Kevin came out and didn't even notice at first!!! I mean Hello there is a man taped to our fridge! I was laughing and he was like what what's so funny?? Freaking Hilarious! Obviously his head is somewhere else, and this just shows why I am SO ready for my man to be done with his masters program! I am bored to tears without him, and so I'm always having to find things to entertain myself.

Meet our newest member of our family...


Jennifer said...

LOL... That is one large art piece. How in the world do you keep your fridge so clean with a toddler in the house? Mine has finger prints all over it.

Christy said...

Ok, I was cracking up while reading this!! You're right...freakin' hilarious!
P.S. Gabe was reading it with me and he thinks you shouldn't say "man hole" anymore. Try "man cave." :)
Man hole just sounds...well.... :)