Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Chicken Tradition

Sometimes Dane and I will have a lunch date at Chick Fil-A after his physical therapy session before heading home. It has become a tradition on the days that we really don't have much going on and is considered a special treat after working hard at therapy. Little man knows exactly where we are when we turn into the parking lot, and will usually say YEAH and then PLAY PLAY PLAY. He gets very excited.

You would think that being only 2 Dane would not want to eat, but only play. But, it is not like that at all. He has his own routine when we go. He immediately walks up to the counter and says eat eat. So I order his usual.. 4 piece chicken nugget kid meal with hash browns. He then walks to the high chair area, and if there is one that is not stacked he will roll it over to a table, and wants you to put him in it. He normally eats every piece of chicken and most of the hash browns, drinks some milk and then will want to go play. It's crazy how every single time that we go he does the EXACT same routine. I think he thrives on routine... he does not get this from me. :)

He likes to walk up the slide, but will not slide down unless I climb in with him and have him on my lap. Made the mistake of doing this one time, and then he wanted me to do it OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again.

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