Thursday, February 25, 2010


Let me just say... I don't believe in fortunes. I know that everything that happens is from the one up above...

However, when I get Chinese food I do love to get the fortune cookies and see what "my" fortune says for fun. For the most part... they are so vague and silly.

But, I have had Chinese food twice now in the past week. And both times i have gotten a great fortune! And these fortunes have made me stop, re-read them and think these were made for me. :) I like them so much that I kept them and have put them on my fridge!!

Why do I like them?? DUH!! Because they reminded me that I have been given a talent... I'm working to improve my talent and I have a dream that one day my talent will be my career! Any guesses what that dream could possibly be??? haha

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