Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hi I Dane

We have survived the 1st week of the terrible twos. HA actually Dane's terrible two's arrived at out house probably around the 18 month mark. So, nothing really has changed in that regard. Although, the tantrums have only been minimum for the most part lately.

But, what has changed is Dane's vocabulary. It is growing as fast as he is now, and he has really gotten good at putting 3 words together. Some times his 3 words are clear as day, while other times it is as clear as mud. :) Even when it isn't totally clear usually Kevin and I can figure out what he is trying to say. So bear with me... I'm going to do a lot of re-capping of what we have been hearing lately.

Dane is in a phase of showing possession. Example: Sitting at the dinner table he would say "Daddy's tea, Mommy's tea, Dane's tea" while pointing to each one. Or if we are laying in our bed watching tv "Daddy's bed, Mommy's bed, Dane's bed" (he still thinks our bed is his even though he never sleeps in it)

One of my new favorites is when you get home from work- he says "Mommy's home" or "Daddy's home".
Then it is usually followed by "Hi Mommy" or "Hi Daddy"

Some 3 word phrases:
"Hard to do" (very clear!!)
"come up here" ( this came out of no where at Sophie's party)
"have good day" (I asked Kevin did you have a good day and then copy cat followed)
"what a mess" (he likes to throw his food on the ground arrg) or "mommy's mess"

Another one that is so so so so so cute is he will say "HI I DANE" to other children. Kevin and I have both witnessed this one when we have separately brought him to chick fil-a to play. Other children will climb into the play area and he will get a big grin and say "HI I DANE". Melts my heart every time!!! I love that!!!!

Dane wants you to play with him 24/7. He will reach up and say Hand Hand Hand, and then when you give him your hand he will either just simply say "play" or sometimes he will lead you where he wants you to go and say "play with Dane". The word with isn't as clear as play and Dane is, but you get the point... he wants you to sit beside him and play. Sometimes he will say "go play", which cracks me up.

While riding in the car if Dane sees a tractor, bus, train or anything else with wheels he goes nuts. It usually will start off with him saying "LOOK LOOK LOOK", until you acknowledge him then he will say "DADDY DADDY LOOK DADDY LOOK DADDY"... then "TRAC DER" (tractor) "TRAC DER DADDY DADDY LOOK TRAC DER". You have to actually say oh I see the tractor Dane, or oh yes it's a bus Dane. It's pretty funny, but if you are in the middle of a conversation it is easier to just stop and say what you see because the excitement doesn't go away until you do.

Another new favorite that doesn't happen too often is Dane will say "thank you Mommy". It is on his terms ONLY! Me trying to get him to say thanks you never works! He usually totally surprises me when he says it! And then I get so excited!! And occasionally when he has thrown something at me I can get him to say "I sorry". Occasionally!

Onto another type of update:
The Bub ba update

Dane is doing pretty good without his bub-ba. Nights it only takes a few minutes for him to go to sleep, but naps it does take about 30 minutes still for him to settle down. He doesn't really cry for it anymore, but he still mentions it when he is in his bed. He will say Bub-ba where go? It seems like for naps he is in his crib just a chatting about it for a while... he is having hard time finding something else to sooth him to sleep, but he has eventually just given in every day now. The 1st nap..day of Sophie's birthday was horrible.. I wouldn't even call it a nap since he was in his crib for 2 hours without ever actually falling asleep. today it only took about 30 minutes for it to be complete quite. But, we haven't given in, and I think it will be totally forgotten soon.

Update on Kevin's Aggie ring:
Um yes my husband found it in his pants pocket... We had to tell the lil man we were sorry that we accused him of taking it!! ha

Just a funny: Dane thinks that any man that has a big bushy beard is Santa. We have a bible that has Moses on it, and he says HO HO HO anytime he sees it, and does the same when he sees books with bearded men. Gotta teach him that Jesus, Moses and Jonas all have beards, but are not Santa! haha

Wooh..are you tired of reading?? Ok let me end this with some pictures from today. Today was a busy day for us with therapy and errands, so I felt bad that Dane had spent most of the morning in the car. So when he woke up from his nap we headed to the park since it was such a beautiful day. It was still chilly in the shade, but you couldn't beat this gorgeous day!!

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