Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just Another Simplified Saturday

I had to get Dane out of the house today so Kevin could maximize his time to work on his paper. He only has 6 days left before he has to turn it in, so he is a tad stressed to say the least. Although Kevin's office is upstairs and in the corner of the house Dane can be a distraction at times. Usually Kevin has to sneak away when Dane is around because if Dane knows Daddy is home then he wants Kevin to play with him constantly. Kevin is Dane's buddy, and he doesn't get the concept of Daddy has an important paper due soon, and can't play with balls or blocks right now. It can be frustrating... I will have Dane entertained, and then Kevin will come downstairs to get something to drink or whatever and then WW3 begins all over again when Kevin won't play.

I had planned on Dane and I taking a scenic drive to find some cool places for me to take pictures in the future. I wanted to check out the Montrose area, downtown, and museum district. My plan didn't go too well due to a little thing called Construction. I understand that construction has to be done, and is usually done on the weekends. But, what I don't understand is why it is necessary to close a hwy completely, and force the cars to exit onto a different hwy. I was wanting to take HWY 290 to Int10, but the road was completely closed where 290 meets 610. We were forced to exit onto 610 going East...which is no where near INT 10 or any other highway that I needed. So, we were stuck in a major traffic jam for over an hour. I was not a happy camper! Very aggravating. Oh, and did I mention that Dane was tired of being in the car, and so he wasn't a happy camper either. Oh, and I tried turning around and just going back on HWY 290 the way we came, but they had closed all the lanes but 1 so traffic was horrible that way also.

So, after we wasted part of the day sitting bumper to bumper in traffic Dane desperately needed to get out of the car. So, I found a little area that he could run around for a little bit. I have no idea at this point where exactly I was. ha... just saw an area that had benches, walking trails etc so just pulled over. Basically, Dane and I played he runs, and I chase him the whole time.

Dane cracked me up with this next photo... He is such a ham. Look how smashed up against the fence he was. He kept doing this over and over. He just thought it was the funniest thing ever... which by the way it was!

Guess what we did after this????? 3 guesses and the first 2 don't count. We did something that we never do... yeah right! We went to the PARK! AGAIN. **sigh** There wasn't much for Dane to do at our first stop, and he kept trying to get in the man-made lakes that surrounded the area which was totally stressing me out, so we headed over to his favorite place. I just don't have any place to take him that will keep him entertained for that long besides places he can play outside. He loves to be outside and this will entertain him for HOURS. Let's face it bringing him shopping is always a disaster... he gets bored and wants to play with everything and he wants to walk not ride in the stroller. Anyway, I feel like I am defending myself for taking him to the park so often! haha But, at least I try not to duplicate the pictures!!!

Once we got home I felt like Kevin needed to get out of seclusion and take a 30 minute break. Yes, I usually have to tell him he needs a break. Because otherwise I won't see him at all, and he will just continue working till he falls asleep. And usually, once I ask him to take a break, he will agree that he needs one! So, What's a better way to take a break than going and getting some ice cream! So that's what we did...

And rememeber a long time ago I talked about how Dane always takes off just his right sock, but always keeps on the left... well now he does the sock and the shoe... this is how we found him when we got to Dairy Queen.

Here is my hard working hubby who is looking mighty cute... all scruffy and mentally drained! :)

Is it crazy that I feel like we didn't really do much today, but this post is really long, and I took a lot of pictures???

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