Saturday, February 6, 2010

Light at the end of the Tunnel

Kevin started his masters almost 18 months ago, and it has been a LOT of work and sacrifices that have had to been made on both of our parts. I honestly don't know how Kevin was able to balance everything the way he did. No one has any idea how stretched to the max Kevin has been through this whole process. His masters program required A LOT of time, work, and determination. He would have to stay up to the wee hours of the night most nights to get all his papers, and online work done. Kevin works full time, and he is a full time husband and daddy on top of the masters program. My sweet hubby has never stopped helping around the house or with Dane even when he had deadlines for assignments. I really have no idea how he didn't have a mental breakdown. I know I would have if I was in his shoes. He has done a great job!

Well, it is almost over. It is crunch time, and less than a month Kevin will be ALL DONE!! He is working on his 50 page paper that is due at the end of the month. He hopes that he will be done by the 20th, so he will have a week or so to take a step back and be able to have someone read his paper before it is time to turn it in. I know he is so ready to be done...this last month I think has been the hardest. He is exhausted, his brain hurts, and he is burnt out. But, I have no doubt that he will finish it on time with flying colors. He always does really good under pressure!

So March 1 we will be celebrating his hard work!!!! His graduation isn't until June, so we will be traveling to Vermont then to see him walk the stage!! I'm proud of my hubby!! I know all this hardwork will be worth it, and it will benefit out life!

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