Saturday, February 13, 2010

Martha Stewart is in "Da HiZ OUSE"

Not sure what has gotten into me lately, but lots of baking has been taken place here. Well, I know what has gotten into me... a little holiday called Valentine's Day! I have ALWAYS loved v-day my whole life. Yes, I am one of those cheesy girls who gets all giddy over the pink and red. I love going into the v-day aisles at all the stores looking at all the valentine cards, candy, picture frames etc. I can remember being little looking forward to the parties at school and making valentine's for all my classmates. I would go home and look at all my cards, and would save them for a long time. And then you can't forget the valentine's days in high school when all the flowers, candy and balloons that were delivered were waiting on the stage in the cafeteria. We would find out at lunch time if someone sent you something. Then once the principal would call your name you would hear all the oohs and ahhs from all your friends. I have a lot of good memories, and some bad from all my previous v-days. And I still love the holiday just as much!

So, when Dane brought home a note from his school to bring a bag of candy and valentines for his peers I was really excited! Of course when it came time to pick his valentine's I had to go with something that was his favorite! Handy Manny!! I had already planned on sending his teachers some goodies to say thank you, and happy v-day, but this just gave me even more of an excuse! So, I baked red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing and red and pink heart shaped sprinkles on top. They looked delicious!! I really wanted to do something for his physical therapist as well along with the receptionist there. I made sugar cookies with the same sprinkles on the edges with a chocolate heart in the middle!! They were so cute!! I wish that I had taken pics of these, but I forgot! :(

Friday I was like a little kid when Dane got home looking through his goodies bag. I dug through all the candy, and read all the valentine cards! He also came home with lots of really cute art work that he had done for this occasion. He made a sign that said I love you this much and it had his hand print on each end like his hands were holding the sign... hard to explain I guess. Anyway, really cute stuff, and lots of good candy!

Here is a picture of him eating some of his v-day loot Friday.

And the baking didn't stop... today I was bored out of my mind and decided that we needed some festive goodies here at our home as well, and plus I had bought heart shaped cookie cutters that I hadn't used yet.

Brownies cut out as a heart with icing and chocolate candies on top... what could be better???


Noah's Mommy said...

You are good! LOL! I can't bake!

Jason said...

very impressed by your baking skills friend!!!

Jason said...

that is really :)