Sunday, February 28, 2010

No No No Duke

Dane and I made a visit to the "fruit" aka Orange on Friday. We weren't there long before my mom had put me to work addressing envelopes, stuffing envelopes and doing other odds and inns for the campaign. Orange is normally a place that is peaceful and relaxing, but it is complete opposite when there is an election that will be happening in the next few days. My mom and David's phones were constantly ringing, and emails were being sent back and forth, and they were running all over the city. They are so exhausted, and ready for this to be done. And after being there for a couple days I felt just as tired!! ok not near as tired as they were, but mentally exhausted from listening to everything. They are constantly having to be at events, making appearances at places, meeting people etc. Saturday morning David got a call around 9:00 from his friend who is a preacher at one of the local churches that there was a parade for black history month going on at 11, and he needed to come down and be in the parade so he could meet some more people. So, at a drop of a hat their plans change, and they have to be where ever they are wanted. I only caught the very tail end of the parade, and wasn't able to get a good picture of David riding on the horse. But I thought I would share it anyway!

Duke, my mom's puppy, has not calmed down at all. He went to obedient school, but unfortunately didn't learn anything while there. So, he is just as hyper as before and Dane is still scared of him. He loves to talk about Duke, but he wants Duke as far away as possible from him. Duke spends most of his time outside if we are inside the house and in his kennel if he is in the house while we are there. Poor Duke. he knows when Dane is there he gets kicked out. He will sit there at the door and watch us in the house, or if we are in the office he will stand up on the swing outside so he can see in the office window. Remember this picture?

Except he is MUCH MUCH bigger now than when that was taken... so you can imagine how funny it is to see him looking through the office window at you now. Duke Probably wonders what is going on hen the little man arrives. And not only is he kicked out of the house he has little fingers constantly pointing at him saying NO NO NO DUKE even if he isn't doing anything!! It was so funny. Dane figured out that he could play in the dog's kennel when Duke was outside, so this became his new favorite place.

I'm heading back to Orange on Tuesday to gather with friends and family to await the outcome of the election. We should know something late Tuesday night. So, we hope and pray for a good outcome!!!

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