Saturday, February 13, 2010

Run Kevin Run

Today was just like any other day... Kevin was cooped up in his office working on his paper, while I entertained the little man. But for some reason today I just couldn't find anything to do. To say I was bored would be an understatement. I just didn't have anywhere that I needed to go or anything that had to be done. The weather wasn't great early on, so it was too cold and wet to take Dane to the park. I was extremely stir crazy, but couldn't think of anywhere to go. This is one of the reasons that the brownies got made and decorated.

So, around 5:00 Kevin came out of his hibernation, and I made it clear that HE NEEDED A BREAK!! haha I needed to get out of the house, and I wanted company. We ventured off to Sonic to get us a drink for the road, and headed over to the Tomball area to look around for me some potential places to take pictures. We found an area that has lots of little antique shops, so we got out to look around, and I ended up taking some pictures of the little man as he ran around enjoying being outside. It was pretty chilly, and Dane was cracking us up with his hat. He wouldn't let us put it on him, he wanted to do it himself so sometimes the hat would be covering one eye, or would be real puffy in the back. Mr. Independent

The shops were very close to a railroad track, and at one point I could hear in the distance the ding ding ding sound as if a train was coming. (Earlier in the day when we were at IHOP for breakfast we saw a train and Dane was so excited). So, I yelled to Kevin a TRAIN IS COMING A TRAIN IS COMING. So Kevin literally sprinted over to where Dane was, picked him up and I mean ran as fast as he could to get Dane close to the train so he could see it. It was a HILARIOUS SIGHT to see Kevin move so fast just so little man could see the train coming through. There was a couple that just happened to be walking by as this all took place, and were cracking up!!! But, this ended up being the highlight of the day. Dane was so EXCITED to see the choo choo train, and even said bye bye choo choo as it left in the distance. We laughed for a while about how Kevin reacted to me telling him a train was coming!! Such a good Daddy!

Then we spotted a train station right around the corner from where we were, so thought Dane would want to go play on the train that was parked (it was for decoration, not really a train that is being used). From the looks of all the pictures that I took you would think this was an all day affair, but really we were only there for about 45 minutes riding and walking around. But, if I didn't take all these pictures then what would you be looking at right now??? You can thank me later! HAHA

It was good to get out of the house this afternoon... 2 more weeks and my sweet hubby will have no reason to spend an entire weekend in his office!

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