Friday, February 5, 2010

Simple Pleasures

I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Kelly's Korner and she did a post about things in her life that she would consider her simple pleasures. So, since NOTHING has been going on here or is blog worthy I decided to copy her idea.

So here are just a few of my simple pleasures----Some may be weird to some people Ha

**visits to Target ** finding out at the checkout that what you are purchasing is on sale ** vanilla Dr. Peppers from Sonic** the rare occasions that Dane sleeps late** Reality TV** going out to eat** chips and queso** kisses from Dane** when Dane says HI MOMMIE** getting my toes popped from Kevin** Hot Showers** coconut snow cones** getting a great picture on the 1st shot** looking at old pictures** cards from Kevin** cupcakes** waking up and realizing it is NOT a work day** Getting home from work in less than an hour** wearing Kevin's baggy PJ pants** spending time with my girlfriends** clinique moisturizer** having someone tell you that they miss you** talking on the phone while sitting in traffic** what I like to call piddling** when Dane hugs my legs** having a belly laugh** chick flicks with Matthew Mcconaughey** an awesome jam on the radio** days that it is chilly outside** hot glazed donuts** Kevin kissing my forehead** hearing songs by Keith Urban that are "our" songs ** blogging** chick fil-a breakfast** massages** Dane's laugh** finding money** crushed ice** people watching** picnics** doing something I haven't done before** road trips** date nights** riding with the sunroof open**

These are just a few,,, What are your simple pleasues????

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