Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sophie's Birthday

It is that time of year... Birthday time!!!! Lots of parties in our calendars!!!

Dane starts off the year, then his girlfriend Sophie's is 6 days later. Then a month later we have Dane's BFF, Gage followed by our friends Danielle and Abigail very soon after!!!! Fun times! I love Birthdays!!

Yesterday Sophie turned 2, and had a Strawberry Shortcake party at her house. The weather was awesome, and perfect for a birthday party! It was a great party, and lil Miss Sophie got lots of girly fun presents!! I have to admit that I had a blast shopping for her present. Looking at all the dolls, dress up clothes and everything that was girly and pink it made it hard to decide what to get her. Nice change from shopping for balls, trucks, trains etc.

Look who showed up at the party...
Miss Strawberry ShortCake herself

Sophie was a pro when it came to opening presents!! She ripped through them in no time!! Christy didn't have to tell her twice to open another present. Just another simple reminder how different little girls and boys are wired.

Cake Time! Christy so called it before.. she said that Sophie would probably hide when everyone started singing.
Guess what??? she did! She buried her head down so no one could see her, it was so cute! But, after a few seconds Christy was able to get Sophie back up to see everyone.

And it's not a Gonzalez party without a pinata!! This pinata was so stinking cute!! A big strawberry...hated to see the kids tear it apart!! But, they ALL had a blast getting a turn hitting it!! Danielle was the one who finally hit it hard enough to make candy come out! Her mom, Dallas was so proud!!

Dane had a blast playing in the moonwalk again, and just being outside.

Danielle and Dallas sold girl scout cookies

And Zach and Sophie had a blast on the slide

Happy birthday Princess Sophia!!!!

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The Jarmons said...

awesome! loks like everyone had fun. wish we were able to have made it.