Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another Day With My Love

Tuesday Kevin and I spent the whole day out and about, and it turned out to be an awesome day. This day is probably in my top 10 of best days ever. Nothing was really that far from the ordinary besides the Keith concert, but it was just a fun day hanging with my hubby. We had such a good time, and neither of us wanted the day to end.

My mom talked us into leaving pretty early, so we could enjoy the day, so we ventured off to the galleria to do a little shopping and have lunch. We enjoyed some yummy food at Kona Grill. Kevin had one of his favorites... sushi with chopsticks

and I had a margarita pizza, which was covered in Fresh mozzarella, marinated tomatoes and fresh basil... delicious! Funny lil side note... the waiter brings out my pizza and it is HUGE.. as big as the table, probably 5 people could have shared it. Kevin and I both react the same way. We were shocked, because I had ordered this before at this restaurant, and it was a normal size pizza. The waiter saw our reaction and said that I had ordered the wrong pizza, that the pizza I normally get is the happy hour pizza. And I ordered off the dinner menu. Um... little confused because I ordered off the only menu that was given to me by him, and he didn't mention anything to me when I ordered. And for some reason this dinner pizza had no sauce on it... what's a pizza without sauce?? Oh and did I mention that this "dinner" pizza was like $10 more than the one I thought I was ordering. Anyhow, we got it all settled, the waiter was real nice and even took our picture to make up for it... Nothing like a waiter just snapping the picture for you instead of running to the kitchen...

After lunch we headed to the movies to see Valentine's Day... yes it is March and we are just now getting to see it. Actually this is the 1st movie that we have seen in ages! My last movie I saw was on thanksgiving with my family, but before that I can't even remember when Kevin and I have seen a movie together. We thought it was a cute movie, not with a whole lot of substance, but definitely a fun filled chick flick.

Rodeo Time!!
We headed over to the arena, got our seats and watched some of the competitions again. I was really excited to see Keith Urban in concert. Kevin and I love his music, and have all of his cds. Keith Urban plays a personal part in our relationship... we kissed for the very first time with Keith's song "I wanna Love Somebody Like you" in the background... cheesy I know, but I can't hear that song without thinking of that night. Also, on several of our road trips we would listen to Keith's music the entire way to our destination while we sang all the words. Keith Urban has several songs that we claim are "our" songs. Are you wanting to throw up yet... yeah we heart Keith Urban!

Keith Urban put on one heck of a concert!! The atmosphere and crowd was so much more lively at this concert verses Lady Antebellum. Everyone was singing along to all the songs, and would cheer ad scream when he would start singing his big hits. It was so much fun!! Keith... yeah we are on a first name basis... had so much energy, and rocked out to every song. He even got off the stage and ran around the arena shaking hands, and then got into the crowd all while playing his guitar. Awesome Awesome Awesome Concert.. can't say that enough. Kevin and I had a blast, and we could have sat through hours more than what was offered!

Just want to say thanks so much to my mom for watching Dane... Kevin and I really really needed some time alone, and we just had the best time. I love my hubby so much, so it's good to give him the attention that he deserves!!

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