Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Busy Day that ended with a BANG

This morning we went to our physical therapy appointment, and instead of going home afterwards I decided that I would go ahead and head over to the Woodlands to mess around and shop until it was time to go see the orthopedic doctor. We hung out at the Woodlands Mall for a couple hours, and also played at the indoor play area that is there. It's time to start pulling out the shorts! It felt great outside. Little man looked so cute in one of his new outfits that he got for his birthday. He had on his athletic nike shorts with ankle socks and his tennis shoes. He reminded me so much of Kevin in this outfit, looked like he was ready to go run. Well he actually did a lot of running while at the play area. So cute! At one point he climbed up on the bench and was intrigued with what was going on outside the play area. I wasn't sure what he was looking at, and then when I got closer I figured it out. There was a man playing with one of those remote control airplanes. He just thought it was so COOL! ha

We headed over to the doctor's office, and Dane fell asleep in the car. We got there quite a bit early, so I just parked and was going to just let him sleep until it was time to go in. All of a sudden... BANG!! A lady was pulling into the spot next to me and plowed into my car. I was in shock! I get out, and the lady said "did I hit you or did I hit the curb"? Um, there was no curb!!! ha The lady was real nice, and was sorry that she hit me. There wasn't any dents that I could see at the time, but the paint got messed up a little bit. She gave me all her information, and she even made the comment "I don't know what is with me lately, I have done this 2 times this week!!!" I thought to myself that maybe she shouldn't be driving an expedition. crazy! Dane slept through all this which was surprising to me.

I wasn't nervous about this orthopedic appointment at all until they told me that Dr Gerow wanted to see an x-ray before he saw us. Not sure why, but all of a sudden my stomach sunk and I started feeling very nervous. We waited in the exam room forever after the x-ray waiting on Dr Gerow. And I just thought he was going to come in and say something bad. The anticipation was eating at me. But, good news Dr Gerow thought the x-rays looked good, and that the hip was still where it was suppose to be. He did make it quite clear that as of right now nothing needs to be done besides therapy, but if when he is older and the hip moves then of course, it would have to be fixed. Not saying that will happen, but I guess he just wants me to know that there is a possibility. So, I'm praying that lil hip continues to stick! He could see a lot of progress with the amount of flexibility and movement that Dane is able to do now. He wants us to continue therapy, and we will see him again in 4 months. He told us that therapy on a baby Dane's age just takes time, because he is still too little to fully understand and know what to do. But, he was VERY pleased with the progress he has made thus far. Dr Gerow mentioned that Dane being active was the best thing for that hip... keeping it moving so it doesn't get stiff... Don't think we have a problem there in that category!!

After the appointment we met Kevin at Landry's for dinner. I'm not a seafood eater, but I have to say that place is WAY OVER PRICED!! Luckily, the waiter was nice and let us order from the lunch menu, but that won't be a place that we will go to that often. Kevin wanted seafood, and that's all that we knew was around the mall in the Woodlands. Dane didn't seem to mind... he enjoyed running around outside the restaurant and going up and down the small steps. What a hoot! Busy Busy Busy day and I am pooped. It's good to be home!


Jennifer said...

You were in my stomping grounds. I thought the tiny picture of Dane on my blog looked like The Woodlands mall. That’s where I grew up. Not in the mall. =) It came when I was older.

The Jarmons said...

i love those play places...we go to one up here that gage loves and what is it with the bench...gage gets on that one too and runs down it.