Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Election Day

Yesterday was the big day, the day that my family has been waiting on for months and months and months. I had no idea what all goes into a campaign before this, but I can tell you that it has not been easy nor fun for my mom and David. It is a constant process of meeting people, attending events, fundraisers, city meetings etc etc. Not only is it tiring, it can become extremely personal especially in a small town since everyone knows everyone. And you find out real quick who people are. People that you think are against you are for you, and the ones that you think have your back end up stabbing you in the back. So, through this they have had to grow some really thick skin. But, it was amazing to see how much support David got from the community. So many people stepped up to the plate and did everything they could to get David Elected. And to those people Thank you so much for your support!!

For the most part the campaign was a clean fair race. But the last couple weeks it turned ugly. Usually in a local race you don't see to much mud slinging or bashing going on. This kind of stuff usually happens in state or bigger elections. Two of the three candidates, with David included kept it classy, and did not speak ill of the other candidates. But, unfortunately the other guy thought it would be ok to make personal attacks against his opponents. Well, let me take that back...towards David. Rumors were put into ads in the local paper about David that were not true, and raised questions about his integrity. Although, you have to expect some of this in politics it is hurtful, and causes you to feel protective and want to get revenge. Or it did me anyway. But, with all this going on David NEVER once fought back, or did anything to stoop to this guy's level. I'm not just biased either... but this is why David is such a great guy. He showed me along with our entire city his character. And he got great response from the city after he continued on with his fair and honest campaign.

So, Tuesday anyone that helped out with the election gathered together at a new coffee shop to await the results of the election. BTW, to all you orange folks... you need to check out the Barking Dog Coffee Shop. It was a NEAT NEAT place..looks like it is something that you would see in Austin or a city like that. And they plan on having bands there real soon... Really neat for Orange. are a few pictures of some of the people hanging out early on while we waited for all the votes to come in. There were a lot of people that showed up..this only shows like a 1/4 of the supporters that came to the coffee shop.

At 7:00 the voting ended, and then the waiting started. Oh man, was it stressful. Everyone had a good time socializing, but we all were ready to throw up we were so nervous. There were 9 boxes for precinct 1 of votes that had to be counted. KOGT (radio station) would give stats as they were received. The early votes were counted first, and when the radio announced that they had their first set of stats everyone crowded around the radio to hear. And it took forever it felt like to get the stats for precinct 1. The governor stats were first, and then all these other stats that we didn't care about with ours being last!! AHHH!! So, it was intense, and nerve wracking!!

After the early votes we were ahead, by quite a bit actually. It was so exciting, and everyone was screaming and cheering and whooping and hollering. So, it started settling everyone into a more positive calming mood.
Instead of doing each box they combined several boxes before giving us another update. So, the wait between the first update and the second felt like an eternity!! But, once again in the lead!! In a 3 person race in order for there not to be a run off the winner has to win by 50% +1 person. And usually, in a 3 person race there is always a run off, because getting 50% is hard when 3 people are splitting the votes. And no one wants a run off because it just means that all that hard work has to continue for another month... everyone is exhausted, so it would have been really hard to fight through another month.

And then it was time... the radio announcer came on, and we all thought that this wasn't going to be the last update that we would get this one and one more before the final update... But before she gave stats she said there was a new judge. I think the room grew silent in that moment, and everyone held their breath...

DAVID PECK IS THE WINNER OF THIS ELECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I'm sure you know what happened then... the room went CRAZY!!! People popped confetti, people were screaming at the top of their lungs, lots of hugs and tears And David's phone started ringing like crazy.

KOGT immedaitely called David and did a live phone interview right then. He stepped outside to talk, and we all listened to him on the radio!! He did great answering all the questions.

I am so glad that I was there and got to witness David winning. It was such a neat experience to be a part of!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the support. My family couldn't have done it without you!!!


Noah's Mommy said...

That made me tear up! So awesome!

The Jarmons said...

Congrats David! Glad he won :) would have voted for him too if i was still there :)!!!!

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