Friday, March 12, 2010

March 12, 2006

Time flies when you are having fun!! It's hard to believe that Kevin and I have been married for 4 years already. It seems like it wasn't that long ago when we took the hour drive from our hotel to the "secluded" beach that we got married. I say secluded lightly because we were told it was a private beach, but I guess what the wedding coordinator meant to say was tourists don't know about it, but the beach is surrounded by local Hawaiians who let their kids ride 4 wheelers on the beach, and also let their kids play with water and splash brides... haha yeah it was a beautiful beach, but it was a little shaky when we first arrived. These kids had no idea what was coming to them... they had a maid of honor and a mother of the bride who made sure they knew they were not welcome!!! :) But, these things just added character to our wedding, and made it an unforgettable day!! Our day was awesome, I wouldn't change any of it. Well, I may have changed the amount of wind that God sent our way. We all know that beaches are windy, but that day was like no other. Extremely windy!! It made for some funny pictures actually. But, with the wind our ceremony was great, and so different from every traditional wedding. We had a Hawaiian minister along with my uncle who married us. The Hawaiian minister did some Hawaiian traditions in the ceremony that included blowing a conch shell, a lei ceremony, a harp player, and a Hawaiian prayer. It was our day, and a day that we will never forget.

Everyone told me that marriage is hard, but honestly I really haven't experienced that yet. I mean don't get me wrong we aren't honky dory all the time, but things just seem to be easy here. Kevin is an amazing husband that supports everything I do. He is easy to talk to if I have something on my mind, and he always puts me first. It has been a great 4 years!! And I look forward to each year that will come.

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Christy said...

Happy Anniversary Wittschens'!! Jayne, you look about 12!! LOL!