Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Sesame Street had a show all about Mine-IT-Is. This was the only clip I could upload from youtube, so it doesn't show the actual show... but you get the idea of what MINE-IT-IS...

And Someone... not saying any names... has Mine-it-is at our house.

MINE MINE MINE... we hear this alot!!
Arms get crossed, as he tries to hide whatever is in his hands and then he says Mine!! Sometimes, you don't even have to be going for what he has, sometimes we can be minding our own business and "someone" will say Mine Mine My Car, or My juice, just in case you thought otherwise. We usually have to bury our head to laugh so he doesn't see us, because it's quite funny how he throws his arms together and says it over and over, until you say yes it is yours. Usually, if we ask him to share with one of us he will, but he wants you to know that the toy is his! We have some work ahead with the sharing. I guess it goes with the territory of having a toddler. Don't get me wrong, he can be sweet and share without us asking him too. But, this sweet dimpled face, blue eyed lil man has learned a word that drives us absolutely crazy sometimes, but I know it will be something we can look back on and have lots of laughs!!!


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