Friday, March 19, 2010

Monkeying Around

My lil man is turning more and more into a little boy. He is getting more adventurous, brave and rambunctious, rowdy, rough and noisy. He loves to hang from things, climb and jump now. Feel like I am constantly holding my breath as he has no fear. Throwing all of our couch pillows on the ground and then jumping from the couch unto the floor is a common thing here now. At the park he likes to hang from the bar above the slide and swing back and forth. He has never been shown these type of things, so i think it is just in his "boy" makeup. He has so much energy, and loves for you to chase him as he runs as fast as he possibly can. He thinks jumping on the bed is just the best, and loves to throw himself around. Dane bumps his head or runs into a wall or falls pretty much every day, because of how active and crazy he can be. Sometimes I worry that people are going to think we beat him, because he always has a bruise or bump or something somewhere on his lil body. But, he is tougher than nails... I can probably count on just one hand how many times he has actually cried when he hurts himself. Usually, he just shakes it off and continues on doing the same thing that caused the bo-bo. Dane loves to be thrown up in the air or have you throw him on the bed.

We have a BOY in the house! A rough and tough Boy! And I'm not sure I know what to expect!!! if I have to predict I would say lots of panic attacks are in my future as I watch him hang from chandeliers, and slide down stair rails, and jump off trees or rooftops. Please pray for my heart... I think I'm going to need it.

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