Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pimp Limp Reunion

It has been a year now, from when we found out there was something going on with Dane's hip. Being back in Dallas for Gage's birthday brought all these memories back in my mind. You can read about it here if you want to re-live it. We were in Dallas for Gage's 1st birthday, when my girlfriends and I were laughing about how he had a pimp limp, and then to my horror my girlfriends noticed that his leg looked shorter. Dane had only been walking for maybe 3 weeks if that long when this was diagnosed, so I had no idea that there was a problem. I just assumed that he hadn't perfected his walk yet, and that once he got better balance this would correct itself. It never crossed my mind that something could be wrong with his hip. I had not even heard of this ever happening before.

So, this weekend all my emotions that I had previously crept back up on me while driving to Dallas. I hadn't felt these emotions in a while. When my girlfriend brought to my attention that his leg looked shorter I know I reacted shocked and concerned and upset. But, I never voiced what really went on inside. I really had a lot of guilt when I found out that his hip was not in place, and that I had not discovered it earlier on. I was very angry with myself, and embarrassed that as a mother that I didn't know to look for this, and that a girlfriend did. And then when i found out that he would have to have surgery and be in a cast for 3 months I felt like it was my fault, that I could have stopped this. If he would have been diagnosed when he was a tiny baby he might have had to just be in a harness type thing with no surgery and no cast and no therapy. It would have been a quick fix, and he wouldn't have had to go through all that he did.

But, I didn't catch it... and neither did his pediatrician. There is nothing I could have done at that point to erase what happened. I just had to deal with it. And a year later I still deal with it. For the most part those feelings have lessened, but they did re-surface this past weekend. It was a long journey with his hip issues, and it's not over yet. I hope that his physical therapy will be the end of all his hip problems, but we just don't know.
If not anything I hope that our story will bring awareness to other mothers who like me do not know to check their kids hips.

But, the physical therapy is working... it is obvious. He still has a long way to go to be as flexible as he should be, but when he started he was not able to sit on his knees like how he is in the pictures. He would stretch that left leg out anytime he needed to sit down. Now standing up from a sitting position seems to be the thing he struggles the most with. He still throws that left leg out like a kick stand sometimes when he is trying to stand up, and sitting indian style isn't comfortable for him either. But, he is really improving. His therapist is now able to push his knee all the way up to his chest, with before she could barely push the knee even like at a 90 degree angle. Big difference when you see her do it now.

We go and see his orthopedic doctor on Wednesday. Not really sure what this appointment will be about, but I'm hoping that the doctor just wants to see how much progress he has made since he started his therapy. The therapist said that she thinks that he will continue to want Dane to get more physical therapy, but will be very pleased with how far he has come. So, we will see. I will keep you updated on all that.

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Jennifer said...

Kaitlyn's hip popped tonight. Have you ever heard Dane's hip pop? If it were her ankle, knee, or some other joint I wouldn't worry, but it was on her DDH side. I'm thinking about calling the dr tomorrow. Should "normal" hips pop? I can't think of a time mine has popped. Grrr... Her next appointment is around April 6th. It will be the first time he's seen her since being brace free.