Monday, March 1, 2010

Rain Boots

I saw these rain boots at Target recently and just had to get them. So cute and perfect for days like today. Our yard was wet and a tad muddy, but we had a couple hours of sunshine so I let Dane play outside. His truck got a lot of use today..he pushed that thing around all over the yard. And he looks so cute in his rain boots, he just loved wearing them!! He was strutting his stuff, and just thought he was so big. He didn't want to take them off when we were going inside.

Not too much happened today other than Dane playing outside, and him hitting me with his choo choo train. Hmm... yeah we had a meltdown today which ended with him getting his train taken away because he hit me in the head with it. Not sure what made him do it either, but he got upset and that's how he took his anger out. So, the train got put up high where he could still see it... he wasn't a happy camper. I told him that he would not get his train back until he told me he was sorry. After a few minutes he came over to me and said "I sawry Mom-my", and then kissed my cheek. It really did melt my heart at that moment. And all was forgiven.

Oh, and nap time was not successful today. Yes, we are still having some sleeping issues. Last night he went to bed pretty quick, but did wake up around 11:30 screaming at the top of his lungs. We had to just let him cry... and eventually he went back to sleep. Today, he hung out in his crib for an hour and half and never fell asleep. It has been frustrating. When we were in Orange he slept fine... he did sleep with me though which may have been the reason he slept good. So, I'm hoping that since we are back home we can get him back on some sort of a sleep routine.

So there you have it... our day in a nut shell

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The Momoh Family said...

OH my,, he is so cute! Love these pictures.