Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Romantic Evening of Bowling

Our anniversary always falls every year during spring break and during the Houston Rodeo. The spring break part was on purpose... when we were planning our wedding we had to go with a time that Kevin would be off since we were wanting to be in Hawaii for quite a few days. 10 days to be exact. That left Christmas break, spring break or summer. We weren't the couple that wanted to have a long engagement... neither one of us wanted to be engaged for years. There is nothing wrong with that by any means, but it just wasn't us. So, when we got engaged in Sept we chose spring break because Christmas wasn't far away enough to plan a wedding, and summer was just too far away. And so far having our anniversary during spring break has worked out perfectly. Our 1st anniversary we spent it in Colorado, and our 3rd was spent in San Francisco, and Kevin hasn't had to take off from work for any of our trips.

Anyway, this really has nothing to do with what we did on Friday for our anniversary. But, I just thought it would be an added bonus to the gibberish that I am saying. Since our anniversary fell right smat dab in the middle of the Rodeo, and we haven't been since we were engaged we decided that we would go to a couple concerts as our "date" for our anniversary this year. So, my mom is coming into town tomorrow to spend a few days here, and watch the lil man so Kevin and I can have a couple nights out just the 2 of us. And let me tell you, WE ARE ECSTATIC!! We have been looking forward to these concerts since we found out who was playing.

So, are you bored yet... well Friday my sweet hubby sent me some gorgeous flowers to my job. Nice little surprise. Since we weren't doing our anniversary stuff until Monday we didn't have anything really planned for Friday night. It's hard to plan anything romantic when you have a 2 year old that will also be tagging along. haha We decided that we wanted to just go do something fun, and just enjoy a family night. This may come as a surprise to all of you, but I LOVE to go bowling. I have no idea why because I don't get to go that often and I am terrible at it, but it is something I love to go do. Before the lil man was a twinkle in my eye Kevin and I used to go bowling all the time. Of course, there was always a friendly wager between the two of us when we would bowl.

We really thought that this was going to work with Dane being there. Not sure why we thought he would let us bowl, but we did. Do you see where this is going??? Well, it ended up being a really fun time, but the bowling night was a 1 man show with Dane being the main actor. He was all about this, and had an absolute blast. Kevin would have to help him carry the ball, even though he really thought he could carry it himself. But, Kevin would let him think he was carrying it, and would have his hand under the ball so Kevin actually had all the weight. And they would get down and Dane would push the ball towards the pins. The ball normally didn't make it to the pins, usually hitting the gutter pretty early on, or would go so slow that it would end up stopping halfway and Kevin would have to walk down there to rescue balls. It was a pretty funny sight, and Dane would cheer every time he pushed it. He didn't care if no pins were knocked down or not. We didn't care that we didn't get to bowl, it was still fun just being there together, and seeing the lil man so excited. We went and had Mexican food afterwards. It was a good night. But, We are really looking forward to Monday and Tuesday where we get to have to 2 date nights, and go to the rodeo!! Happy Anniversary to us!

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Christy said...

So cute!!! I want a date night!! :)