Monday, March 1, 2010

Sonic, Sunshine, Slides & Shoes on Sunday

What an awesome day Sunday was!! We couldn't have asked for better weather. This Sunday was suppose to be the 1st day that Kevin would be totally done with his paper, but it didn't turn out that way. Long story, but Kevin won't be done for a few more weeks hopefully. But, he didn't want to spend the day working on his paper when it was so pretty outside, and he knows I was disappointed that I won't have my husband back for a few more weeks. So, he wanted to spend some QT (quality time) with Dane and I. We made a run to Sonic to get drinks, and then headed to the park to let Dane play for a while. There is a big slide at the park that Dane always wants to go down, but I won't let him since I'm there by myself. The steps are very steep, so he needs someone to walk behind him. And with it being so tall I have been nervous to let him go down without someone at the bottom... I just didn't know if he would try to lean off the sides or not, and I didn't know how fast he would go and if he would fall off of it. Let's face it I was just too scared to let him do it. So, with Kevin there I decided that he would be able to do it more safely. The first couple times Kevin would be at the bottom to catch him. We quickly realized that he doesn't go all that fast, and he doesn't try to lean over it. He does def need someone behind him on the stairs, but going down he does really good. Ok, so I am maybe just a paranoid mom.

So we stayed for a while, and Kevin had suggested that we go shoe shopping after the park. My sweet hubby doesn't suggest shopping very often, so when he does I am quick to say YES!! But, what always happens when we go shopping, or if Kevin suggests I go shopping I find nothing and he usually finds stuff for himself!!! I think this is all in his secret plan!! It happens every time. But, this was really about us getting to spend some time together. It had been a while that the whole day was spent with us just hanging out. It was a GREAT DAY and was sad that it ended!!

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