Sunday, March 14, 2010


Friday was our friend Gabe's 30th birthday, and his wifey wanted to do something special for him. Christy put together an awesome surprise party, and invited lots of his friends and family to come celebrate on Saturday. In order to get him out of the house so she could set up for the party she arranged for Kevin and another friend Todd to go play golf with Gabe. All 3 of these boys love to play, so we didn't have to twist their arms or anything. Everyone hung out at their house while we waited for the boys to get back. Even my girl Tabby Tab drove from Dallas to come celebrate. The golf game took a little bit longer than Christy had planned, but they finally arrived and Gabe was very surprised!!!! I couldn't believe no one spilled the beans considering how many people were actually at the party.

Good job Christy for planning a great party!! We had a great time!!

And Happy 30th BIrthday Gabe!! How does it feel to be a PawPaw already??? :) (Relax Everyone... it is fair for me to say that bc I am only 3 months from my 30th)

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