Tuesday, March 9, 2010

WARNING: Juice Boxes Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

Strep Throat is in the HOUSE!!

But, you wouldn't know it today if you saw how much energy the little man has today. Yesterday Kevin got a call from Dane's school informing him that Dane needed to be picked up because he was running 101.5 fever. It was easier for Kevin to get coverage than it would have been for me to leave work, so he left school early, picked up Dane and I was able to get Dane a doctor appointment. Dane's ears, nose and everything else looked ok, but the doctor saw a red bump on his throat so ordered a swab test to check for strep. I'm glad that Kevin was the one having to hold Dane down for this procedure, because he can be a strong booger. But, after the doctor took the swab out of his mouth Dane was fine, and went back to his normal self. And unfortunately, he tested positive for strep. So, he gets to take the bubble gum medicine again. The doctor said that he would only be contagious for 24 hours from when the fever started. So, technically he isn't contagious anymore, but we are playing it safe today and not going anywhere. Luckily, I was already off Tues and Wed, so he should be completely fine by Thursday when he goes back to school. I had to cancel his physical therapy today, but he will be able to go tomorrow and see the orthopedic doctor.

The funny thing about this whole thing is that we were totally jinxed with the strep. While we were at Gage's party my friend Christy was talking to me about how Dane wouldn't let go of his juice box, and then I realized that he didn't have a juice box. Obviously, someone left this sitting around, and Dane took ownership over it. We all laughed, and my friend Ashley said something like Congratulations you just got strep!! HAHA Yeah Thanks KID whoever you are who left your juice sitting around for someone else to come along and drink your germs!! :)

I was secretly hoping that since Dane and I would be stuck inside all day that he would just want to lay around and watch movies, and that my excuse would be that he didn't feel good that's why I have done nothing today. ha But, he is running around like nothing is bothering him.. so I guess I need to get moving and start cleaning this tornado scene we call home. He hasn't ran any fever today, and he totally seems fine. Nothing keeps this little booger down.

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