Friday, March 26, 2010

Yellow Yellow Everywhere

Not to much has been going on... this is the reason I haven't had much to say lately. Today was a beautiful day, so after Dane's physical therapy we ventured over to the park. On the way I noticed yellow flowers were everywhere, and they were so pretty!! So, we pulled over to get some pictures. Dane thought picking the flowers was fun, so it was really hard to get him to look at me to take pictures. I was having to scream and act crazy. I'm sure people driving by thought I was CRAZY. I wish I would have had my assistant with me... Kevin would have made it little easier to get his attention. Anyway, Dane was pretty cute while picking the petals off each and every flower. He would say "one ower (flower), two ower, two ower, two ower". He still loves the number 2, so uses that number for everything. I love all the flowers that come out during spring time!! Makes for pretty drives. I'm wanting to take some blue bonnet pictures this year as well... last year Dane was in a cast, so it didn't happen.

Oh... something did happen today that I almost forgot about. Might as well share, so in 50 years when I am looking back and wonder why I don't have a picture for this year I will know why.
I had to take something back to the mall, and while there we saw the Easter Bunny. Well, we saw the Easter Bunny from a far. I brought Dane close to watch the kids sit on his lap, to see if maybe Dane would do it. He was happy to see the bunny from a far... he even waved to him, and said bunny hop hop. So, I thought well, let's get in line and see what happens. When it was our turn we started walking towards the bunny and Dane immediately started saying no no and was trying to fight me to get away. He was acting crazy in my arms, I can't imagine what he would have done in the Bunny's lap. So, I decided that it wasn't worth it to traumatize him, and pay for a picture where he is screaming while sitting on the Easter Bunny's lap. And I also figured that he is a lot stronger now, and the Easter Bunny may not be up for holding a kid who is screaming, kicking and throwing his back out to get down off his lap. haha So, we walked away and when we got far enough away, Dane turned around and said bye bye bunny. I thought are you kidding me?? Little stinker!

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