Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2 year check up & Blue Bonnets

Dane had his 2 year well visit today. Yes, we are a little late considering he turned 2 at the end of January. Little communication error from the nurse the last time we had a check up. I was told at Dane's 18 month check up that he was done with shots until he was 4 years old. I thought she said that he was also done with well check ups until he turned 3. So, when he turned 2 I didn't even think twice about making an appointment. My girlfriend Tabitha mentioned bringing her lil man in for his 2 year check up, and so it made me start wondering why Dane wouldn't have to have his. The weird thing is Dane has seen the doctor twice since he turned 2 when he was sick, and they never mentioned to me that he needed to come in.

Anyway, we headed to the doctor with Dane having NO nap today. So needless to say it was a FUN experience. He was pretty much a little toot all day today. But, he is growing and learning everything he is suppose to. Dr Patel wasn't able to get him to do some of the things that were on the list, but I was able to confirm that on a good day he did everything that Dr Patel was checking. For instance, walking backwards, saying more than 20 words, putting 2-3 words together to make a phrase, kicking balls, interacting with other children, able to follow commands etc. Everything is moving on track.

Here are his latest stats:

At birth
7lbs 5 oz 20 inches long

1 year
22lbs 9 oz 29 inches long

18 months
25lbs 1.2 oz 32 inches long

26 months
27lbs 8.6 oz 34 inches long

He is in between 25-50 percentile for both weight and length. The doctor said that he is equally proportioned, and healthy.

We went to Chappel Hill to take pictures of Dane in the blue bonnets. This is the first year we have done this. 2 years ago Dane was only 2 months old, and so we didn't do it. Last year he was in a cast, so it wasn't done then either. It started off shaky... remember I said Dane hadn't had a nap today. So, he wanted nothing to do with taking pictures or playing in the flowers. Little frustrating. We decided to pack up and leave, because it just wasn't worth fighting him. As we gathered our stuff and started walking to the car Dane freaked out and then decided that he wanted to go play in the flowers. Go figure... But, I was able to get some cute pictures of him in the end.

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