Thursday, April 15, 2010


21 days=12 lbs!!!

I just realized that the numbers are the same flip flopped. Ironic... but pretty cool.

just a little diet update:

I am still on my low carb no sugar diet. It is going really well, and actually getting easier to do. I don't have near as many sweet cravings as I did in the past. I still have my days where I would rather eat something high in carbs like enchiladas, or pasta but have not given into the temptation, yet. So, I am just going forward with the no carbs, until I reach my goal. Once I reach my goal I will be able to slowly increase my carb intake.

Whew 3 weeks... this is the longest I have ever been able to do a diet without cheating!! One day at a time... and one pound at a time... just gotta keep telling myself that

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The Momoh Family said...

Good for you Jayne! It does get easier, you'll see. Then it will just become part of your life style. The price US women have to pay!!!