Monday, April 26, 2010

Another trip to the zoo...

The weather has been AWESOME the last few days. So, we headed back for a day at the zoo. When we told Dane that we were going and told him what we would see there he said monkey and tiger over and over until we got there. He was excited! The monkey's were by far his favorite. Talked about them a lot. But, We didn't get to get see the tigers because they were sleeping in a far away corner. I think he liked the giraffes also, especially the baby ones. I didn't take many pictures this time... how many pictures do I need of the same animals?? :) Anyway, Dane enjoyed looking at the animals... and was really excited when he saw NEMO when we were in the fish part. He was wide eyed the entire time! Glad we were able to take another visit to the zoo before it got too hot. Dane loves the zoo!

Looking at the tall giraffes

At the Bear exhibit- ROOOOAAAARRRRRRR says Dane

What does an elephant do? Dane throwing his "trunk" up

Doesn't my lil man look like he could be like 13 years old with his new hair cut?

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